2011 01 13

AlmanacMark Alexander Boyd b.1562; Edmund Spenser d.1599; Victor de Laprade b.1812; Kostis Palamas b.1859; Francis William Bourdillon d.1921; Robert Crawford (Australian) d.1930; James Joyce d.1941; Claudia Emerson b.1957; A. E. Coppard d.1957; Max Harris d.1995; John Frederick Nims d.1999; William De Witt Snodgrass d.2009


  1. You’re 39, Not Yet a Man — Jacob Newberry [Rattle] Or not.
  2. Gerontion — T.S. Eliot [E-Verse Radio] Memorable even without the bonus.
  3. An Early Start in Midwinter — Robyn Sarah [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. At the Hatchery — Lucia Perillo [Poetry Daily]
  5. Release the Sterile Moths — D.A. Powell [Verse Daily]
  6. Nineteen years ago this summer — Andy Pokel [qarrtsiluni]
  7. My Soul Speaks in Three Languages — Alegria Imperial [qarrtsiluni] Three tanka from English, to Spanish and Iluko.
  8. Disorient — Tamiko Beyer [No Tell Motel]
  9. tomorrow I leave to El Paso, Texas — Juan Felipe Herrera [Poets.org]
  10. A Boat — Richard Brautigan [Poetry Foundation]
  11. A Way of Being — Barbara Guest [Poetry Foundation]
  12. Inside Out — Diane Wakoski [Poetry Out Loud] “You must reach inside and pull me / like a silver bullet / from your arm.”
  13. My Dog Has No Nose — Todd Boss [Poem of the Day]
  14. Midnight Special — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  15. Eighth Period — Peter Dale [Poetry Archive]
  16. Sonnet XIII — William Shakespeare [The EServer Poetry Collection] The website I had been using for years for reading through Shakespeare’s sonnets seems to now be roadkill on the Internet freeway. For the past several days, I’ve carried the links I’d collected during previous trips, hoping the site’s hiatus to be temporary. But now even if the site returns, I ought seek a more stable reference. So as not to disrupt the few trackbacks I’ve laid, I won’t modify links given previous posts, but will be modifying all links in my fledgling main index to the new center I’ll now be using for this thread.
  17. Piers the Plowman — William Langland [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  18. The Prophet: Joy and Sorrow — Khalil Gibran. “Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.”
  19. Sitting Outside — William De Witt Snodgrass (d.1/13/2009) [Poets.org]
  20. Niagara — John Frederick Nims (d.1/13/1999) [Poetry Foundation]
  21. Night Piece — Ern Malley [Jacket]
  22. Bone — Claudia Emerson (b.1/13/1957) [Poets.org]
  23. Churst Apollo — James Joyce (d.1/13/1941) [Poets.org]
  24. Of Woman’s Love — Robert Crawford (au) (d.1/13/1930) [Oldpoetry]
  25. Sonnet I — Francis William Bourdillon (d.1/13/1921) [Oldpoetry]
  26. Epithalamion — Edmund Spenser (d.1/13/1599) [Poetry Foundation]
  27. Sonet — Mark Alexander Boyd (b.1/13/1562) [Oldpoetry]
  28. Henslow’s Sparrow — Catherine Chandler [14 by 14]
  29. Two poems: (1) La Milagrosa; and (2) Night Noise — Rose Kelleher [Mezzo Cammin]
  30. Symptoms of Island — Camille Rankine [Thethe Poetry Blog]
  31. Napping After Lunch —August Kleinzahler [Jacket]
  32. A Satisfied Mind — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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