This post will be continuously updated, for reading and collecting poems with a focus on one’s mother, on a mother, on motherhood, or on Mother’s Day.

I’ll likely shift some of my own views around after further readings, but on first pass through these (some of which were not new to me, so they’ve already got multiple readings going for them), I remain partial to the Ginsberg. I’m usually a sucker for a good villanelle, but only the double villanelle in this set (Soccer Moms) felt like it found its voice in the form, the other one (Mother’s Pillow) coming off stilted to my ear even after attempting to recite it out loud. In contrast, I couldn’t make it through a reading out loud of the one reaching out for Nicole’s mama without choking back tears and guilt. But then of course I’ll take my leave tonight on the Stevenson and look forward to adding many more to this set before Mother’s Day comes back around.

  1. AiMotherhood, 1951 []
  2. Auchter, AmandaPoem for the Adoptive Mother (reading by Chloë Honum ) [Linebreak]
  3. Aygi, GennadiyTo Mother (translated by Sarah Valentine) [Circumference]
  4. Berry, WendellTo My Mother [The Writer’s Almanac]
  5. Bitting, MichelleMother’s Day Omen (reading by Daniel Nester ) [Linebreak]
  6. Blanchard, Samuel LamanThe Mother’s Hope [Poet’s Corner]
  7. Brine, Mary DowSomebody’s Mother [The Writer’s Almanac]
  8. Brooks, Gwendolynthe mother [Poetry Foundation]
  9. Brown, BillMy Mother’s Soul [Rattle]
  10. Browning, Elizabeth BarrettMother and Poet [Poetry Foundation]
  11. Derricotte, ToiChristmas Eve: My Mother Dressing [The Writer’s Almanac]
  12. Duncan, RobertMy Mother Would Be a Falconress []
  13. Ekiss, RobinThe Question of My Mother [From the Fishouse]
  14. Ginsberg, AllenKaddish [Poetry Foundation]
  15. Hall, James AllenBrief History of My Mother [From the Fishouse]
  16. Hall, James AllenMy Mother’s Love [From the Fishouse]
  17. Hall, James AllenPortrait of My Mother as Self-Inflicting Philomena [Spork Press]
  18. Hall, James AllenPortrait of My Mother as the Republic of Texas [From the Fishouse]
  19. Hardi, ChomanMy mother’s kitchen [The Poetry Archive]
  20. Haskins, LolaParsing Mother [Poetry Daily]
  21. Hill, BarryMother [Poetry Daily] Second of two poems on the page.
  22. Ignatow, DavidKaddish [Panhala]
  23. Illich, DonaldOedipus on Mother’s Day [No Tell Motel]
  24. Kaminsky, IlyaMy Mother’s Tango [From the Fishouse]
  25. Kasdorf, JuliaMother Love [University of Pittsburgh Press]
  26. Kasdorf, JuliaWhat I Learned From My Mother [Poetry Foundation]
  27. Kipling, RudyardMother o’ Mine [About: Poetry]
  28. Kooser, TedMother [The Writer’s Almanac]
  29. Laux, DorianneMother’s Day (reading by Andrew Hudgins ) [Linebreak]
  30. Luterman, AlisonInvisible Work [Panhala]
  31. Markham, E. A.To My Mother, the Art Critic [The Poetry Archive]
  32. Mehigan, JoshuaA Questionable Mother [Joshua Mehigan]
  33. Moodie, SusannaThe Step Mother [Representative Poetry Online]
  34. Muldoon, PaulSoccer Moms [Poetry 180]
  35. Nutter, GeoffreyMother’s Day [Gulf Coast]
  36. Pallas, BrentThe Clown’s Mother [Verse Daily]
  37. Peterson, MargaretA Mother’s Dedication [The Great War 1914-1918: A Treasury of War Poetry]
  38. Phillips, RobertLetter to My Mother [The Writer’s Almanac]
  39. Piercy, MargeMy mother’s body [Representative Poetry Online]
  40. Poe, Edgar AllanTo My Mother []
  41. Roeser, DanaMidwestern Summer: My Dead Mother as Muse [Poetry Daily]
  42. Rossetti, Christina[Sonnets are full of love, and this my tome] []
  43. Rossetti, ChristinaTo My Mother []
  44. Sadoff, IraMy Mother’s Funeral []
  45. Sheers, OwenNot Yet My Mother [The Poetry Archive]
  46. Shields, CarolThe New Mothers [Representative Poetry Online]
  47. Smith, PatriciaBuilding Nicole’s Mama [Rattle]
  48. Stern, GeraldJust Say Goodbye to Mother [Blackbird]
  49. Stevenson, Robert LouisTo My Mother []
  50. Strand, MarkMy Mother on an Evening in Late Summer []
  51. Swenson, MayMotherhood [Poetry Foundation]
  52. Taylor, AnnMy Mother [A Celebration of Women Writers]
  53. Thomas, ElizabethLies My Mother Told Me [The Writer’s Almanac]
  54. Tseng, JenniferA Mother’s Love [From the Fishouse] Or rather, a son’s love for his mother? or not?
  55. Tseng, JenniferTwo Mothers [From the Fishouse]
  56. Tynan, KatharineThe Mother [Representative Poetry Online]
  57. Williams, HugoDinner with my Mother [The Poetry Archive]
  58. Woloch, CeciliaMy Mother’s Pillow [American Life in Poetry]
  59. Wong, NellieMama, Come Back []
  60. Yeats, William ButlerThe Song of the Old Mother [Poet’s Corner]
  61. Young, DavidMother’s Day []

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