This post will be continuously updated, for reading and collecting poems with a focus on a wedding, a marriage ceremony, a bride or groom, a honeymoon, or any related symbols and images —

  1. Bell, MarvinEpithalamium [Verse Daily]
  2. Brainard, John Gardiner CalkinsEpithalamium [Poet’s Corner]
  3. Creeley, RobertA Marriage [Poetry Foundation]
  4. Dylan, BobWedding Song [Bob Dylan]
  5. Flecker, James ElroyEpithalamion [Representative Poetry Online]
  6. Fraser, GregoryEpithalamium [Verse Daily]
  7. Gosse, EdmundEpithalamium [Poet’s Corner]
  8. Hicok, BobEpithalamium []
  9. Kramer, AaronProthalamium [Aaron Kramer]
  10. Lawrence, D. H.The Bride [Poetry Foundation]
  11. Leprohon, Rosanna EleanorThe Bride of a Year [Representative Poetry Online]
  12. Leprohon, Rosanna EleanorTo my Husband on our Wedding-Day [Representative Poetry Online]
  13. Lynch, ThomasEpithalamium [The Writer’s Almanac]
  14. McBreen, JoanThe Wedding Ring [Verse Daily]
  15. Nobember, YehoshuaAfter Our Wedding [The Writer’s Almanac]
  16. Perrine, JenniferEpithalamium with Peeping Tom [Verse Daily]
  17. Ramke, BinBetter Late than Never [Poetry Foundation]
  18. Ryan, MichaelProthalamion [Poetry Foundation]
  19. SapphoEpithalamium, [Happy Bridegroom] (translated by A. E. Housman) []
  20. Spenser, EdmundEpithalamion [Poetry Foundation]
  21. Spenser, EdmundProthalamion [Poetry Foundation]
  22. Suckling, JohnA Ballad Upon A Wedding [Poetry Foundation]

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