2011 03 05

96AlmanacVasily Trediakovsky b.1703; Pier Paolo Pasolini b.1922; Max Jacob d.1944; Alun Lewis d.1944; Edgar Lee Masters d.1950; Anna Akhmatova d.1966

Leaps and Landscapes Taken by Reading

  1. Swanzy, Watie W.Birds of Spring [Pompeii, Evelyn and Other Poems] As cheerful as the past winter not returning. Added to my spring set.
  2. Wright, JamesYou and I Saw Hawks Exchanging the Prey [Poetry Foundation] Thanks to a recommendation in a comment (although I’m pulling the version I’m reading from a different website). Which I’ll remember to the birds subset of my collection of animal poems.
  3. Sonnet: Frith, CarolBlack Tights, A Halter Top [Rattle] “Persimmons, firm to the touch, and sweet.” Ditto this Petrarchan.
  4. Conrad, CA — From The Book of Frank: [oh the burden of / nouns] [E-Verse Radio] “‘so long as / I don’t have / to take / myself / with / me'”
  5. Twiddy, ElizabethOn a Cold Day in Late March, Near Easter [The Writer’s Almanac] “I began to wonder whether it was real or a fake”
  6. Clewell, DavidThe Perfect Stranger [Poetry Daily] “for Patricia, eventually” – as perfect as strangers get.
  7. Tigchelaar, JeffOne Way of Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds [Verse Daily] “all of one mind”
  8. Vick, JohnMass [qarrtsiluni] “A turning point. An amassing.” In triplicate, even.
  9. Hecht, Jennifer MichaelSonnet on the Ribs of Laughter [No Tell Motel] “Tomorrow / and today are both a moment in aligning”
  10. Poe, Edgar AllanSonnet—Silence [Poets.org] A 15-line one, that is. But well worthy of the form.
  11. Matthews, Christopher ToddWindow Washer [Poetry Foundation] “Which is / splendid, and merciless. And all / in the wrist.”
  12. Boruch, MarianneIt includes the butterfly and the rat, the shit [Poetry Foundation] “the creature that shadowed it one / longish minute.”
  13. Cummings, E. E.[anyone lived in a pretty how town] [Poetry Out Loud] One of the poems that was in the very first poetry book I bought with spare cash from my first real job.
  14. O’Donoghue, BernardVocation [3quarksdaily] “to make sure the harvest was kept constant”
  15. Brown-Báez, WendyNot Only Fire [Poem of the Day] “How did you emerge out from my // small gesture of sympathy”
  16. Arnold, MatthewA Dream [Everyday Poems]
  17. Coleridge, Samuel TaylorKubla Khan [Poetry Moment]
  18. Blake, WilliamHoly Thursday: ‘Twas on a Holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean [Representative Poetry Online] “Then cherish pity, lest you drive an angel from your door.”
  19. Morgan, EdwinThe Loch Ness Monster’s Song [Poetry Archive] Sounds very much like me on any given morning.
  20. Donne, JohnThe Good-Morrow [Poetry In Voice] “For love, all love of other sights controls, / And makes one little room an everywhere.”
  21. McDowell, RobertEmily’s Courtship [PoetryNet] “He’s been calling your house since 1962 / Asking for you.”
  22. Hall, Philas of old [Canadian Poetry Online] “buy the house back — feed the ghost”
  23. Berengarten, RichardA Gift [Black Cat Poems] “So, singular, far friend, although your face / is stranger, here we meet in heart and mind.”
  24. Quinlan, PhilipLilt [Lilt] “you know, all at once, I am guilty of everything.”
  25. Girmay, AracelisKingdom Animalia [From the Fishouse] “Whole years will be spent, underneath these impossible stars”
  26. Byron, Lord, George Gordon[Could Love for ever]; with reading by Johanna Drucker [Poets on Poets] “True! Separations / Ask more than patience”
  27. Lönnrot, Elias (translated by John Martin Crawford) — The Kalevala: Rune V. Wainamoinen’s Lamentation. [Wikisource] “‘Fool am I, and great my folly, / Having neither wit nor judgment'”
  28. Meredith, GeorgeModern Love: XXII [“What may the woman labour to confess?”] [Wikisource] “I get a glimpse of hell in this mild guess.”
  29. Browning, Elizabeth BarrettSonnets from the Portuguese: XXVIII [“My letters! all dead paper, mute and white!”] [Wikisource] “thy words have ill availed / If, what this said, I dared repeat at last!”
  30. Tennyson, Alfred, LordIn Memoriam A. H. H.: XXXII [“Her eyes are homes of silent prayer”] [Wikisource] “But, he was dead, and there he sits, / And he that brought him back is there.”
  31. Shakespeare , William Sonnet LXIV [“When I have seen by Time’s fell hand defaced”] [EServer Poetry Collection] “This thought is as a death which cannot choose / But weep to have, that which it fears to lose.”
  32. Ghalib, Mirza (translated by Jim Yagmin) — The Joy of the Drop: Ghazal 19 [“At every step I am closer only to knowing the distance”] – “The moon is loneliness and churning flames”
  33. [Anonymous] — The Faithless Shepherdess [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “Three days endured your love to me, / And it was lost in other three!”
  34. Bryant, William Cullen The Death of the Flowers [Yale Book of American Verse] “The melancholy days have come, the saddest of the year”
  35. Collins, Martha Lines [Poetry 180] ” let x be me, let y be you.” Between two unknown variables?
  36. Frost, RobertNorth of Boston: The Mountain [Wikisource] “‘I shouldn’t climb it if I didn’t want to— / Not for the sake of climbing.'”
  37. Carryl, Guy WetmoreFables for the Frivolous: The Persevering Tortoise and the Pretentious Hare [Wikisource] “There’s often time to spare”
  38. Updike, JohnI Missed His Book, but I Read His Name [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] One written to be recited aloud.
  39. Smith, Joan JobeHow You Taste The Apples [Poetry 365] “That way / all you taste are the apples.”
  40. Britt, AlanSundown [Best Poem] “a cocoon of sorts, / both ends notched / to the infinite?”
  41. Walsh, RyanCheat River [Ink Node] “I love to look / at hearts”
  42. Lewis, Alun (d.3/5/1944) — All Day It Has Rained [The War Poets Association] “till a bullet stopped his song.”
  43. Masters, Edgar Lee (d.3/5/1950) — Isabel, William and Albert [Wikisource] “Being, O blissful fate, what you were to her, / With something else which spoke for progress in love.”
  44. Akhmatova, Anna (d.3/5/1966) — Five poems (translated by Alex Cigale): (1) [I live like a cuckoo in the clock]; (2) [Saw my friend off in the front hallway]; (3) [Once we thought we were poor, we haven’t anything]; (4) [There are words that can never be repeated]; and (5) [Yes, I loved them, those nightly gatherings] [Offcourse Literary Journal]
  45. Subraman, BelindaIssues, Colors [The Other Voices International Project] “I can no longer tell / the color of pale walls.”
  46. Cigale, AlexTen Discourses After Jalal al-Din Rumi [qarrtsiluni] “Each one of us has a Jesus inside.” And then some.
  47. Hass, RobertInterrupted Meditation [Poetry Foundation] “He thought to himself / fast, to numb it, that she didn’t mean it, thought / what he had done to provoke it. It was May.”
  48. Lowell, RobertJuly in Washington [Poetry Foundation] “only the slightest repugnance of our bodies
 / we no longer control could drag us back.” Too familiar.
  49. Merrill, JamesDays of 1964 [Poetry Foundation] “Startled mute, we had stared—was love illusion?— / And gone our ways.” Separately. For different reasons.
  50. Nemerov, HowardThe Murder of William Remington [Poetry Foundation] “And yet there is the horror of the fact, / Though we knew not the man.”
  51. Thomas, EdwardBeauty [World War Pictures, Posters, Photos, Poets and Artists] “There I find my rest, and through the dusk air / Flies what yet lives in me.”
  52. Cervantes, JamesDistance [Pecan Grove Press] “Distance can be like that, / though blade and neck at once.”
  53. Gallaher, JohnThe Blue Child [Caffeine Destiny] “Fathers come and go / like hiccoughs.”
  54. Barrett, StacyThree poems: (1) Dear Professor; (2) Cup of Coffee (3); and (3) First Impression [Inertia Magazine] “But our babies / would be sweet”
  55. Vandenberg, KatrinaDriving to Doug and Hilary’s Cabin in Northern Wisconsin [Orion Magazine]
  56. Rice, OliverSummer Place [Mudlark] “At daybreak she sits on the deck / with her coffee to greet the spectacle.”
  57. Barkin, DonThree poems: (1) The Persistent; (2) At The Edge; and (3) Ode To Rte. 6 West-bound [The Cortland Review]
  58. Kabir[Brother, I’ve seen some] (translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra) [Poetry] Done.
  59. Barry, JanetGrowth Spurt [Christian Science Monitor]
  60. Driver, JontyIn a Formal Garden [The Manchester Review] “The things we thought we learnt // Turn out to be perpetually awry.”
  61. Entrekin, CharlesClimate Change: Drought [Canary] “No defensive resin, / no way to pitch them out.”
  62. Reese, StevenCerrado and the Higher Powers [Artful Dodge] “finding the mark that means him // on the wrinkled page”
  63. Fearon, RudyardThe Light [Canadian Poetry Online] “you must not flee.”
  64. Hershon, RobertSuperbly Situated [Poetry Foundation] “i would like to be loved for such simple attainments” or at least not be despised for them.
  65. Berman, DavidSnow [Poetry Society of America] “I didn’t know where I was going with this.” Except there seems no end to this snow. Hand me a shovel…
  66. Reed, JohnAmerica in 1918 [Poets of Cambridge, USA] “America . . . the world. . . !” Or else!
  67. Clifton, Lucillehomage to my hips [Poetry Foundation] Reading by Tama Baldwin [Poems by Heart]
  68. Atkins, CynthiaFace Book [BigCityLit] “Salacious minds need routine, packaged / as shiny shrink-wrapped trinkets. “
  69. Lamoureux, MarkThree poems: (1) Kakkab; (2) Alfecca Meridiana; and (3) Markab [Verse]
  70. Graham, HenrySinn Feiners by W.R. Sickert [Ambit] Could just as easily be fishing on the Susquehanna?
  71. Dickinson, MarkShadows of the Sea: iv [Great Works] “intelligible space on a root without / meaning.”
  72. Cooke, StuartBloom [Jacket] “it is water on the tongue — clear, silken / liquid silent as memory”
  73. Ellison, GeorgeBeneath the Flaming Cardinal Flower [Asheville Poetry Review] “He is a modality of intentness beyond yours.”
  74. Bond, BruceHorn (reading by Ashley McHugh ) [Linebreak] Whom.
  75. Bolaño, RobertoGodzilla in Mexico [Guardian] “What are we? you asked a week or year later, / ants, bees, wrong numbers / in the big rotten soup of chance?”
  76. Duhamel, Denise and Lemmon, AmyCan This Marriage Be Saved? [The Best American Poetry] “‘Hello, / Ever since opening my first box of Spic and Span, // I’ve found housecleaning incredibly erotic.'”
  77. Byrne, EdwardLake Gulls at Daybreak [Whale Sound: Dark Refuge] “hoping / he might reel one in before we leave.”
  78. Lee, Li-YoungFrom Blossoms [End of Life] “There are days we live / as if death were nowhere / in the background”
  79. Moore, MarianneThose Various Scalpels [Poetry Foundation] Among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed here a month ago.
  80. Dylan, BobWe Better Talk This Over [Bob Dylan] “We’ve done nothing to each other time will not erase”

Limerick IV, transcribed from Likewise Limericks

       The ulsters now worn in Zambezi
       Go on and go off rather easy:
             They consist of a sash
             Made out of grass crash,
       And only are worn when it’s breezy.

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