2011 01 14

AlmanacJoseph Warren Beach b.1880; Lewis Carroll d.1898; Holger Drachmann d.1908; Dudley Randall b.1914; Ahmed Faraz b.1931; Lenore Kandel b.1932; Jaishankar Prasad d.1937; Stephen Morse b.1945; Ralph Chubb d.1960; Dorothea Mackellar d.1968; P. K. Page d.2010


  1. Comet Hyakutake — Kent Newkirk [Rattle] “…to please offer their latest takes on myths, on gods, on ETs, / or whatever it’s called when it’s way past late, / the sky is a blindfold, and the only light it lets in pricks the mask / of everything…” How about the one about how and why it matters.
  2. Top five food poems: (5) For a Cook — Craig Arnold; (4) Beans — Mary Oliver; (3) Oysters — Seamus Heaney; (2) Crab — Sharon Olds; and (1) Grub First, Then Ethics — W.H. Auden [E-Verse Radio] Now I need to go exercise: I put on a month’s worth of calories just reading though that feast! But first, a few more poems I want to read . . .
  3. The Story of the Week — Joshua Mehigan [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. Help — Arthur Vogelsang [Poetry Daily] “Anything could have happened to you yesterday / And you’d soon be okay. But first . . .”
  5. Today It Seemed I Had Nothing to Say — Todd Boss [Verse Daily] I heard it anyway.
  6. A fact of pressure — Tamiko Beyer [No Tell Motel] A dare worth redoubling.
  7. A New Law — Greg Delanty [Poets.org] But be not distressed. Next election we’ll shift the powers and the new congress will repeal the old’s laws.
  8. Love in the Valley — George Meredith [Poetry Foundation] Among a worthy stack, this might be my favorite of this day’s reading!
  9. Romance — Claude McKay [Poetry Out Loud] “Love words, mad words, dream words, sweet senseless words”
  10. At a Window — Carl Sandburg [Poem of the Day] Read this last week, but it’s good to recite again so soon.
  11. Sonnet VIII — William Shakespeare [Everyday Poems] And I read this one last week also (but as mentioned yesterday, I need to cycle back through posts from earlier this month and give my Shakespeare sonnet reading links that work).
  12. Occidit Miserum Crambe Repetita Pupillum — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] And this is the blogger who read the poem . . .
  13. Bloodlines (an extract) — Fred D’Aguiar [Poetry Archive]
  14. Sonnet XIV — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive, / And constant stars in them I read”
  15. Freedom — John Barbour [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  16. The Prophet: Houses — Khalil Gibran. “But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.”
  17. Galah’s Skull — Sarah Holland-Batt [Poetry Foundation] Something very familiar about the closing on this one.
  18. Jabberwocky — Lewis Carroll (d.1/14/1898) [Wikisource] Never grows old.
  19. Three poems: (1) The Profile on the Pillow; (2) Booker T. and W.E.B.; and (3) A Poet Is Not a Jukebox — Dudley Randall (b.1/14/1914) [Modern American Poetry]
  20. Three poems: (1) Hard Core Love; (2) God/Love Poem; and (3) To Fuck with Love – Phase III — Lenore Kandel (b.1/14/1932) [The Divine Animal]
  21. After Rain — P. K. Page (d.1/14/2010) [Canadian Poetry Online]
  22. My Future Therapist Asks About Rage — Cathy Linh Che [Nashville Review]
  23. For Freud — Mary Jo Bang [Salt Magazine]
  24. They Dream of AK-47s — Laura McCullough [Contrary]
  25. Poem — Susan Wheeler [Jacket]
  26. On A Night Like This — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “We got much to talk about / And much to reminisce”
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