2011 01 12

AlmanacKarl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel d.1829; Bob Kaufman d.1986; Mick Imlah d.2009


  1. All Dressed in Green — Peter Krass [Rattle] And keep your appointment book open for Mary Oliver.
  2. And as long as we’re going there, let’s read Lines Written In A Garden By A Cottage In Herefordshire — Billy Collins [The Cortland Review]
  3. City Scene in Snow — Jonathan Greene [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. Two Easy Odes: 1. Ode to the Moon; and 2. Ode from my Heart — Tom Yuill [Poetry Daily]
  5. Song — Debra Kang Dean [Verse Daily]
  6. NY Harbor Waters to Manatee — Tamiko Beyer [No Tell Motel] “go south creature :: you’re headed wrong”
  7. Alphabet of Mother Language — Anne Waldman [Poets.org]
  8. I, Too — Langston Hughes [Poetry Out Loud]
  9. The Hero — Siegfried Sassoon [Everyday Poems]
  10. Mademoiselle from Armentières — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  11. Gift of Words — Peter Dale [Poetry Archive]
  12. Sonnet XII — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets]
  13. Praise of Women — Robert Mannyng of Brunne [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  14. The Prophet: Work — Khalil Gibran. “You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth.”
  15. Muck — Mick Imlah (d.1/12/2009) [Poetry Archive]
  16. Five poems: (1) Round About Midnight; (2) Jazz Chick; (3) On; (4) O-Jazz-O; and (5) I Have Folded My Sorrows — Bob Kaufman (d.1/12/1986) [Modern American Poetry]
  17. Imago — Franz Wright [Poetry Foundation]
  18. Clean — Susan Hahn [The Atlantic]
  19. Bogland — Seamus Heaney [BBC Poetry Out Loud]
  20. I Have a Theory about Reflection — Renée Ashley [The Greensboro Review]
  21. No Answer — Laurie Kutchins [Drunken Boat] “What kind of an answer is silence?”
  22. Promises — Kevin Pilkington [Valparaiso Poetry Review]
  23. Novella: Synopsis — J. Allyn Rosser [The Hudson Review]
  24. O’ Dark Hundred — Jehanne Dubrow [The Barefoot Muse]
  25. At Rock River — Robert Adamson [Jacket]
  26. Two poems: (1) Now That We Are Married; and (2) Things Married People Do — Trey Jordan Harris [DIAGRAM]
  27. Ode to An Arvon Course Writer — Maureen Almond [Poetry Matters]
  28. Seven Curses — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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One Response to 2011 01 12

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet XII.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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