2011 03 04

95AlmanacToru Dutt b.1856; Thomas Sturge Moore b.1870; Johannes Carsten Hauch d.1872; Guy Wetmore Carryl b.1873; Léon-Paul Fargue b.1876; Josip Murn Aleksandrov b.1879; Emilio Prados b.1899; Jean Joseph Rabearivelo b.1901; Jacques Dupin b.1927; Antonin Artaud d.1948; William Carlos Williams d.1963; Richard Church d.1972; Anatol E. Baconsky d.1977; Elizabeth Smart d.1986; Triztán Vindtorn d.2009

Leaps and Landscapes Entered by Reading

  1. Zucker, RachelDiary [Surface] [Poets.org] Added to my spring set. “If they fail we will not survive, / washed and washed with rain, will we?”
  2. Wright, JamesOn the Skeleton of a Hound [Poets.org] Thanks to a recommendation in a comment (although I’m choosing to read at a different website than suggested). Which I’ll remember to the dogs subset of my collection of animal poems.
  3. Ang, ArleneA Driving Student Adjusts the Seat [Rattle] Nice to see this posted by Rattle again, after originally seeing it early the morning of February 18.
  4. Creech, MorriLandfill [E-Verse Radio] Snapshot of the backside of my head.
  5. Nolan, TimDiamond Lake Bowling [The Writer’s Almanac] I myself am partial to the 7 pin.
  6. Osherow, JacquelinePaestum Thunderstorm, Twenty Years On [Poetry Daily] “Even without the storm, you’d have been rapturous”
  7. Ramspeck, DougFeral Evening [Verse Daily] “Surely the old woman / dreamed that this was so.”
  8. [Anonymous] — The Dream of the Rood [qarrtsiluni] Engaging read.
  9. St. John, CindyDear City, [No Tell Motel]
  10. Haines, JohnFairbanks Under the Solstice [Poets.org] “word of the resurrection of Silence”
  11. Rexroth, KennethA Lesson in Geography [Poetry Foundation] “My eyes fixed on the durable stone / That speaks and hears as though it were myself”
  12. Twichell, ChaseDog Biscuits [Poetry Foundation] “Here withers that branch of the tree.”
  13. Jordan, JuneA Song for Soweto [Poetry Out Loud] “She will kiss with her mouth / my homeland
  14. Fogarty, LionelDreamtime [3quarksdaily] “Well tell we deep / private thoughts.”
  15. Pound, EzraSalutation [Poem of the Day] “And the fish swim in the lake / and do not even own clothing.”
  16. Yeats, William ButlerA Drinking Song [Everyday Poems] “I lift the glass to my mouth, / I look at you, and I sigh.”
  17. Stoddard, Elizabeth DrewA Summer Night [Poetry Moment] “But I am alone, and how can I sing / Praises to thee?”
  18. Blake, WilliamThe Grey Monk (excerpt) [Representative Poetry Online] “The Hermit’s prayer and the Widow’s tear / Alone can free the World from fear.”
  19. Raworth, TomFollow the Food [Poetry Archive]
  20. Donne, JohnThe Flea [Poetry In Voice] It’s clear indication that our collection of animal poems remains at the starting gate that only now are we getting around to adding this classic to the insects subset.
  21. McDowell, RobertThe Fifties [PoetryNet] “Tom tries to hear his father through the wall, / That voice a storm of random, painful words.”
  22. Graham, CatherineThe Watch [Canadian Poetry Online]
  23. Béranger, Pierre-Jean deThe Swallows [Black Cat Poems] “‘Swallows from my homeland straying, / Sorrow’s burden do you bring?'”
  24. Quinlan, PhilipRiver Men [Lilt] “I’m sick of the slick side, I’m ready to go / to the father of waters.”
  25. Poch, JohnJorie Graham [From the Fishouse] “I am not obsessed with the queen. / I am not obsessed with the queen. / I am not obsessed with the queen.”
  26. Byron, Lord, George GordonStanzas to [Augusta]; with reading by Johanna Drucker [Poets on Poets] “Though watchful, ’twas not to defame me, / Nor, mute, that the world might belie.” Quite so.
  27. Lönnrot, Elias (translated by John Martin Crawford) — The Kalevala: Rune IV. The Fate of Aino. [Wikisource] “‘Never urge unwilling daughters / From the dwellings of their fathers, / To the bridegrooms that they love not'”
  28. Meredith, GeorgeModern Love: XXI [“We three are on the cedar-shadowed lawn”] [Wikisource] “Her lost moist hand clings mortally to mine.”
  29. Browning, Elizabeth BarrettSonnets from the Portuguese: XXVII [“My own Beloved, who hast lifted me”] [Wikisource] “And I who looked for only God, found thee!”
  30. Tennyson, Alfred, LordIn Memoriam A. H. H.: XXXI [“When Lazarus left his charnel-cave”] [Wikisource] “The rest remaineth unreveal’d; / He told it not”
  31. Shakespeare , William Sonnet LXIII [“Against my love shall be as I am now”] [EServer Poetry Collection] “For such a time do I now fortify / Against confounding age’s cruel knife”
  32. Ghalib, Mirza (translated by Jim Yagmin) — The Joy of the Drop: Ghazal 18 [“Come here I am suddenly restless for you”] – “I am a coward impatient with waiting”
  33. [Anonymous] — To Her Sea-faring Lover [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “That rather had to die in troth than live forsaken so!”
  34. Bryant, William Cullen June [Yale Book of American Verse] “Soft airs, and song, and light, and bloom / Should keep them lingering by my tomb.”
  35. Kenyon, Jane The Blue Bowl [Poetry 180] “We stood and brushed each other off. / There are sorrows keener than these.”
  36. Frost, RobertNorth of Boston: The Death of the Hired Man [Wikisource] “Part of a moon was falling down the west, / Dragging the whole sky with it to the hills.”
  37. Carryl, Guy Wetmore (b.3/4/1873) — Fables for the Frivolous: The Ambitious Fox and the Unapproachable Grapes [Wikisource]
  38. Yeats, William ButlerNo Second Troy [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] “Was there another Troy for her to burn?” Sure, why the hell not?
  39. Bosch, Daniel“After I Studied Poetry with Him [PoetryNet: Poet of the Month] “Now I have room for books. I try to read.” Not nearly enough room. Not nearly enough time.
  40. Rajeevan, Thachom PoyilHaunted [Poetry 365] “tongue-tied / and unable to down a drop of water”
  41. Skillman, JudithDon’t Lecture Me Augustine [Best Poem] “I wanted to steal / with the laughter / of getting away with it.”
  42. Sonnet: Ghigna, CharlesHunting the Cotaco Creek [Poetry Foundation] “Two green head ghosts fly through the pulse of dawn / upon a trigger’s touch.”
  43. Nienow, MatthewFable [Ink Node] “and there was no question / about whether or not / he was on the inside.” Or at least there shouldn’t have been.
  44. Dutt, Toru (b.3/4/1856) — Sonnet [Reading About the World, Vol.2]
  45. Moore, Thomas Sturge (b.3/4/1870) — The Rower’s Chant [Poet’s Corner] “Row till you find all things / For which you sought.”
  46. Artaud, Antonin (d.3/4/1948) — From The Nerve Meter [Poetry Foundation] “I am the witness, I am the only witness of myself.”
  47. Williams, William Carlos (d.3/4/1963) — Blizzard [Poetry Foundation] “The man turns and there — / his solitary track stretched out / upon the world.”
  48. Reilly, EvelynPermeable Mutual Diagram [Critiphoria] “in which the edge of one center becomes the center of the next.edgeof”
  49. Abramson, SethNebraska [Poetry Foundation] “Three days in Nebraska” – I could think of worse ways to waste that much time.
  50. Peck, JohnLittle Fugue [Poetry Foundation] “and what I had failed / to do rightly touching that life / next to mine”
  51. Subraman, BelindaIn Just One Corner of One Room in My Mother’s House [The Other Voices International Project]
  52. Cigale, AlexIncantation For My Old Friend, Landers [qarrtsiluni] “Beer, port, vodka, whiskey, wine, / just ’bout now would be de-vine.” Good weather.
  53. Hass, RobertFaint Music [Poetry Foundation] “Maybe you need to write a poem about grace.” Every poet ought. At least once.
  54. Lowell, RobertFalling Asleep over the Aeneid [Poetry Foundation] “It is I. I hold / His sword to keep from falling”
  55. Merrill, JamesAn Urban Convalescence [Poetry Foundation] “As usual in New York, everything is torn down / Before you have had time to care for it.” Model city, ain’t it.
  56. Nemerov, HowardThe Goose Fish [Poetry Foundation] “But never did explain the joke / That so amused him, lying there / While the moon went down”
  57. Reed, HenryNaming of Parts [The Poetry of Henry Reed]
  58. Thomas, EdwardAspens [World War Pictures, Posters, Photos, Poets and Artists] “Aspens must shake their leaves and men may hear / But need not listen, more than to my rhymes.”
  59. Carbó, NickLe Mot Delicieux [Pecan Grove Press] “There is only one delicious word / in the world to describe her . . . .”
  60. Gordon, NadaTwo poems: (1) Coney Island Avenue; and (2) SHEEPNOSE [Shampoo] “1-800-cultural collision.”
  61. Ager, DeborahMangos [Delaware Poetry Review] “I know how to make one piece of toast last, / not to complain when my back throbs.”
  62. Richards, TadPromise [The Salt River Review] “Thank you // for your time. It gets better.”
  63. Smith, MikeTwo poems: (1) Por Favor; and (2) The Pommels [DMQ Review] “Pretend you do not / hear me. Pretend I am not here.” Should be easy.
  64. Atkins, CynthiaRumors Fly [BigCityLit] “When rumors fly, take only what is necessary.”
  65. Clarke, ValerieClean sweep [Magma Poetry] “Perhaps we need a skip when all’s / said and done.”
  66. Adams, SusanThe Mirror [Great Works] “Easier not to read what isn’t written.”
  67. Devaney, ThomasGodspeed [Jacket]
  68. Hopes, David B.Coole Lake [Asheville Poetry Review] “I’ve paid for solitude with cold.”
  69. Waldrep, G. C.News of the Fall of Troy [Web Conjunctions] “(∴ who is, is not invited”
  70. Malinowitz, MichaelI Want To Go To London [The Best American Poetry] “Caress the curry, pomp the circumstance, silently thank Churchill”
  71. Stephens, Peterhollow (via audio post) [Whale Sound] “My cold is a watcher and a gift”
  72. Byrne, EdwardDark Refuge [Whale Sound: Dark Refuge] “He seems unafraid of what lies // ahead.”
  73. Kenyon, JaneOtherwise [End of Life] “All morning I did / the work I love.”
  74. Bogan, LouiseTo a Dead Lover [Poetry Foundation] Among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed here a month ago.
  75. Dylan, BobThings Have Changed [Bob Dylan] “Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose / Any minute now I’m expecting all hell to break loose” – Haunting rendition – video – “I’ve been trying to get as far away from myself as I can”

Limerick III, transcribed from Likewise Limericks

       The ulsters now worn in Zambezi
       Go on and go off rather easy:
             They consist of a sash
             Made out of grass crash,
       And only are worn when it’s breezy.

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