I read poetry.  This blog &etc will journal some of that.  That’s all this is. Nothing more. Just for me.

When I give links to other websites, that is not intended to serve as any endorsement. It’s just to say it’s out there.

Update June 2011 – This phase of my reorganization completed, I am moving on to work solely with tools I have found to be effective for accomplishing what this effort was meant to help develop. I leave tracks behind solely to mark a word. Against my better judgment, I used several Google tools, including short URLs and documents, as part of this transition. Not one single letter or link of anything on this site, including all content that used the Google tools, violated either letter or spirit or any law or term of service or right of anyone or any site. As long as Google lies remain in place suggesting otherwise, let every one of their efforts come to no profit.

That said, I will not be back. I have what I came here for.

3 Responses to About

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    This might be just for you, but it’s not without interest to me as an editor (of qarrtsiluni; thanks for reading) — a glimpse into one poetry fan’s reading patterns.

    • verseperse says:

      Thanks. Sites that do deliver great poetry content for others – such as yours – are very greatly appreciated.

      For myself, with all the reading I do, I just kept coming up to too many times of wanting to put my hands on something I’d read before and having too much difficulty doing so, whether for my offline paper reading or the online reading I do. So I’m just here to try to organize what I read well enough to help me out down the road. That’s pretty much all I’m doing. And having fun doing it.

      Thanks again for the good reading I get continuously over at qarrtsiluni. And the listening too!—your audio files always get a play on my computer!

      • Dave Bonta says:

        Oh good! I think our readership is divided about the usefulness of the audio files — some love ’em, some never listen. I personally enjoy the way reading along with the author keeps me from going too quickly, and makes me notice things I might not otherwise, a kind of absorptive experience that can be hard to get on the web with text alone.

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