2011 03 03

94AlmanacAusiàs March d.1459; Edward Herbert b.1583; William Davenant bap.1606; Edmund Waller b.1606; Edward Thomas b.1878; Tore Ørjasæter b.1886; Vasilisk Gnedov b.1890; James Merrill b.1926; Clifton Snider b.1947; Debra Allbery b.1957; Ivor Cutler d.2006

Leaps and Landscapes Entered by Reading

  1. Antin, Davidspring love noise and all (excerpt) [Poets.org] Added to my spring set. “… thats when you / started to feel bad…”
  2. Wright, JamesSmall Frogs Killed on the Highway (4th poem on the page) [In a Dark Time] Thanks to a recommendation in a comment (although I’m choosing to read at a different website than suggested). Which I’ll remember to the amphibians subset of my collection of animal poems. “The drivers burrow backward into dank pools / Where nothing begets / Nothing.” I’d rather be the frog.
  3. Budy, Andrea HollanderDelta Flight 1152 [Rattle] He’ll meet you half-lies.
  4. Allen, DickBeating a Dead Horse [E-Verse Radio] “took each blow as if it deserved each one / and had it coming to it from the very start” – as if?
  5. Matthews, WilliamA Night at the Opera [The Writer’s Almanac] “Beauty’s for amateurs.” And we all professionals here.
  6. Espada, MartínTwo poems: (1) His Hands Have Learned What Cannot Be Taught; (2) How to Read Ezra Pound [Poetry Daily] “I’d shoot him / anyway.” Whereas I’d read him / anyway.
  7. Savich, ZachSufficiency [Verse Daily] “They dub / even the screams, these days of disinheritance / and nearness, which is all maintaining is…”
  8. Limeira, José Carlos (translated by Bruce Dean Willis) — Two poems: (1) Blackouts; and (2) Enchantment [qarrtsiluni] “We never fear the dark” . . . “If there be no light”
  9. St. John, CindyMap of the Things You Forgot [No Tell Motel] “between you is a distance in itself”
  10. Sadoff, IraMy First Roses [Poets.org] “All my furies, I launched them like paper boats / in the algaed pond behind my house.” No waste of good money.
  11. Stevenson, AnneGranny Scarecrow [Poetry Foundation] “But when winter arrived her ghost thinned.” And the winters after.
  12. Abramson, SethCaptains in Captivity [Poetry Foundation] “He could continue to live / if he could continue to mean himself / or anything / as poorly as he had just then.” Big if.
  13. Koch, KennethPoem for My Twentieth Birthday [Poetry Out Loud] “expected to perform the action, not to ponder / the reality beyond the fact, / the man standing upright in the dream.” And the 21st. And the 22nd. On through the last.
  14. Eckermann, Ali CobbyUluru/Ayers Rock [3quarksdaily] “waiting // waiting / for recognition”
  15. Creeley, RobertThe Moon [Poem of the Day] “felt as if someone / were there, waiting, alone.” As if.
  16. Dickinson, EmilyXXVII – “Because I could not stop for Death” [Everyday Poems]
  17. Fenollosa, Mary McNeilSunrise in the Hills of Satsuma [Poetry Moment] “Crickets and sunbeams are quarrelling still”
  18. Blake, WilliamThe French Revolution (excerpt) [Representative Poetry Online]
  19. Porter, PeterA Chagall Postcard [Poetry Archive] “What breaks will threaten where it mends”
  20. Donne, JohnBreak of Day [Poetry In Voice] A classic already included in our collection of aubades.
  21. McDowell, RobertQuiet Money [PoetryNet] Good long reading.
  22. Glickman, SusanThe Glassblowers, 6 a.m. [Canadian Poetry Online] Sensuous early morning images worth remembering among our aubades.
  23. Bensassi, Hicham3:21 am [Black Cat Poems]
  24. Poe, Edgar AllanAnnabel Lee [Lilt] Yes, always a good lilting read.
  25. Espinoza, John OlivaresGrass Isn’t Mowed on Weekends [From the Fishouse]
  26. Byron, Lord, George GordonSo we’ll go no more a roving; with reading by Bill Berkson [Poets on Poets]
  27. Lönnrot, Elias (translated by John Martin Crawford) — The Kalevala: Rune III. Wainamoinen and Youkahainen. [Wikisource] “Now it was that Youkahainen / Comprehended but too clearly / What his folly, what the end was, / Of the journey he had ventured, / Vainly he had undertaken / For the glory of a contest / With the grand, old Wainamoinen.”
  28. Meredith, GeorgeModern Love: XX [“I am not of those miserable males”] [Wikisource] “If for those times I must ask charity, / Have I not any charity to give?”
  29. Browning, Elizabeth BarrettSonnets from the Portuguese: XXVI [“I lived with visions for my company”] [Wikisource] “And I myself grew faint and blind below / Their vanishing eyes.”
  30. Tennyson, Alfred, LordIn Memoriam A. H. H.: XXX [“With trembling fingers did we weave”] [Wikisource]
  31. Shakespeare , William Sonnet LXII [“Sin of self-love possesseth all mine eye”] [EServer Poetry Collection] “Methinks no face so gracious is as mine”
  32. Ghalib, Mirza (translated by Jim Yagmin) — The Joy of the Drop: Ghazal 17 [“Like a child or flower that shares a sorrow”] – “Love is a secret for you not secret enough”
  33. [Anonymous] — A Praise of His Lady [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  34. Bryant, William Cullen A Forest Hymn [Yale Book of American Verse]
  35. Connolly, Geraldine The Summer I Was Sixteen [Poetry 180] “We did not exist beyond the gaze of a boy.” Or the image of a poem?
  36. Frost, RobertNorth of Boston: Mending Wall [Wikisource] Drilled into young students very early on. Everyone’s good at those fences. Few can do gates very well.
  37. Cummings, E. E.[i am so glad and very] [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] “our can’ts were born to happen”
  38. Bobrick, JamesCheap Date [Poetry 365] Ditto the poem.
  39. Sonnet: Rathburn, ChelseaEnglish Sonnet [Poetry Foundation] “a case of the flu, / my halfhearted studies, and brooding thoughts / and scanning faces in every bar for you.”
  40. Stempleman, JordanFixed [Ink Node] “What does it mean when I’m reminded / that updates are available, yet I ignore the updates, / sometimes for months, sometimes forever.”
  41. Herbert, Edward (b.3/3/1583) — Epitaph of a Stinking Poet [Luminarium] Sweet.
  42. Davenant, William (bap.3/3/1606) — Aubade [Poet’s Corner] Included in our set of aubades.
  43. Waller, Edmund (b.3/3/1606) — Go, lovely rose! [Poets.org] “How small a part of time they share / That are so wondrous sweet and fair!” As for all the other parts . . .
  44. Thomas, Edward (b.3/3/1878) — Adlestrop [World War Pictures, Posters, Photos, Poets and Artists] “for that minute a blackbird sang”
  45. Gnedov, Vasilisk (b.3/3/1890) — Death to Art (translated by Alex Cigale) [Anthology of Russian Minimalist and Miniature Poems; Part I, The Silver Age] Fifteen minimalist poems, including Poem of the End, consisting of the title alone on a blank page, performed by the poet on stage using a silent gesture.
  46. Merrill, James (b.3/3/1926) — About the Phoenix [Poetry Foundation] “And dawn, discovering ashes not yet stirred”
  47. Snider, Clifton (b.3/3/1947) — Mountain Lion [Clifton Snider] Of a carving.
  48. Allbery, Debra (b.3/3/1957) — Two poems: (1) Clear Mirror Lament; and (2) Riddle [Poetry Daily] “The spring that cleaved to winter…”
  49. Young, C. DaleIn flagrante delicto [The Awl] “Over a lifetime, // I have become a Master / of concealment.” Then we keep writing poems trying to reveal what we’ve concealed.
  50. Herschel, John Frederick WilliamTick! Tick! Tick! [Representative Poetry Online]
  51. Cigale, AlexHow Appurtenances Are Made Sacred [qarrtsiluni] “All wealth is ‘sad money.'”
  52. Hass, RobertDragonflies Mating [Poetry Foundation] “Sometimes you thought that / Nothing could reach her, / Nothing can reach you.”
  53. Lowell, RobertEpilogue [Poetry Foundation] “All’s misalliance.”
  54. Nemerov, HowardThe Dependencies [Poetry Foundation] “The whisper down the bloodstream: it is time.”
  55. Byers, Cluster R.Black Velvet Lovers [Pecan Grove Press] Black velvet?
  56. Reese, StevenMr. Cerrado’s Secret Preference for Winter [Artful Dodge] “some large and mighty force whose advance / is relentless.”
  57. Codrescu, Andreieulogy for men [Caffeine Destiny] “women invented speech to multiply themselves while also multiplying men” – fruitful?
  58. McFerrin, Linda WatanabeCanada Goose [Canary] “the ‘o’ floating into the stunned morning / where it opens / upward.”
  59. Wright, CharlesSunlight Bets on the Come [The New Yorker] “—stretched like Saran wrap—”
  60. Alton, William L.I Am Not a Gardener [BigCityLit] “Tomatoes are sweet / on someone else’s vine.” How true.
  61. Graham, HenryThree-Way-Piece by Henry Moore [Ambit]
  62. Adams, SusanDrink [Great Works] “And there you left me on the scorched road of your indignity.”
  63. DiPalma, RayTen poems from Obloquium & Committer of Tidings [Jacket] “Discerning a spectacle in the collisions of welcome / he returns a false note to the mystery….”
  64. Pacosz, ChristinaAt Highland Hospital [Asheville Poetry Review] “What name for such a color / from another world?”
  65. Mai, Nguyen Phan QueFrom the Deep Earth (translated by Nguyen Phan Que Mai and Bruce Weigl) [Words Without Borders] “and your voice breathes / streams of joyful thoughts / into my blood.”
  66. McLaughlin, DamonThis Great Something [The Best American Poetry]
  67. Byrne, EdwardNight of the Diagnosis [Whale Sound: Dark Refuge] “some secret counter to the chaos / we will all witness with sunrise.”
  68. Kavanagh, PatrickMemory of My Father [End of Life] Get a look at me.
  69. Benedict, Kate BernadetteThe Spell Weaver [Lilt] Among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed her a month ago.
  70. Dylan, BobMr. Tambourine Man [Bob Dylan] “I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to”

Limerick II, transcribed from Likewise Limericks

       Once having a canvas to daub,
       A painter let go a red gob:
             Each critic agrees
             It might be Hades,
       And calls it a “Hell of a job.”

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