2011 01 01

Almanac — Joachim du Bellay d.1560; Katherine Philips b.1632; Kristijonas Donelaitis b.1714. Arthur Hugh Clough b.1819. Sándor Petőfi b.1823. Audrey Wurdemann b.1911. Nikiforos Vrettakos b.1912. Reuel Denney b.1913. Wilfred Campbell d.1918. Jean-Pierre Duprey b.1930. John Fuller b.1937. Ashfaq Hussain b.1951. Sigerson Clifford d.1985. Bingo Gazingo d.2010


  1. Lament for the Maker — Alvin Malpaya [Rattle] Solid forethought on which to start the new year – must be read aloud, but only after sufficiently awake to do so with attitude.
  2. 15 — Charles Wright [The Writer’s Almanac] “Snow nibbles away at the edges of the dark ground.” Or at times swallows entire chunks whole.
  3. Chateau de Chambord — Jeffrey Greene [Poetry Daily]
  4. Ice Plant — Rae Gouirand [Verse Daily]
  5. The Thread of Life — Christina Rossetti [Poets.org] Three Petrarchan sonnets threaded on theme.
  6. New Year’s Day — Kim Addonizio [Poetry Foundation] “Today I want / to resolve nothing.” Precisely so.
  7. The Tyger — William Blake [Poetry Out Loud] Some circles do go all the way around.
  8. Blow, Northerne Wind — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  9. Sonnet I — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets]
  10. To One persuading a Lady to Marriage — Katherine Philips (b.1/1/1632) [Luminarium]
  11. Winter Cares (from The Seasons) — Kristijonas Donelaitis (b.1/1/1714) (translated by Nadas Rastenis)
  12. Say not the Struggle nought Availeth — Arthur Hugh Clough (b.1/1/1819) [Poetry Foundation]
  13. How One Winter Came in the Lake Region — Wilfred Campbell (d.1/1/1918) [Poet’s Corner]
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One Response to 2011 01 01

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet I.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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