2010 12 31

Almanac — Alexander Smith b.1830; Giovanni Pascoli b.1855; Ilarie Voronca b.1903; Nicolas Born b.1937; Roger Gilbert-Lecomte d.1943; Lorine Niedecker d.1970; Nicolas Calas d.1988; D. J. Enright d.2002


  1. The Scales — Manuel Paul López [Rattle] “I especially can’t stand people who read cereal boxes when they should be reading Baudelaire, she says.” (But mama, that’s where the fun is.)
  2. After Our Wedding — Yehoshua Nobember [The Writer’s Almanac] Yes, quite so, or maybe it was in my other jacket, “something lofty and astonishing.”
  3. The Road to Hell — Dick Allen [Poetry Daily]
  4. No Wasn’t Full — C. J. Sage [Verse Daily]
  5. Thank You For the Sky — Brian Laidlaw [No Tell Motel]
  6. A Song for New Year’s Eve — William Cullen Bryant [Poets.org] “The year, whose hopes were high and strong, / Has now no hopes to wake…”
  7. Burning the Old Year — Naomi Shihab Nye [Poetry Foundation] “I begin again with the smallest numbers.” The smallest ones always have the most room to change.
  8. A Supermarket in California — Allen Ginsberg [Poetry Out Loud]
  9. Adam Lay Ibounden — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  10. Purkis — John Heath-Stubbs [Poetry Archive]
  11. And the Lumberjack-Dolls Shall Stomp Their Feet — William Kelley Woolfitt [Prime Number Magazine]
  12. I rose from marsh mud — Lorine Niedecker (d.12/31/1970) [Modern American Poetry]
  13. Dreaming in the Shanghai Restaurant — D. J. Enright (d.12/31/2002) [Poetry Archive]
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