Pet Peeve #3 — Poetry Pimps

As I’ve said what this is about, it’s just for my own poetry reading. Since I keep pieces of it public to facilitate my own use, I’m of course aware that others might encounter it and find some use in it for themselves. If so, fine. That doesn’t change my own purpose, nor does it influence how I do what I am doing here.

In that spirit, I neither endorse nor censure any particular poem nor any particular author nor any particular website.

That said, there are poems I read and memorize, while there are poems I don’t do much more than skim, if that, past the first few words. That is my own choice, for my own reading. I don’t note those choices in this journal with an eye toward recommending for or against a poem to any other reader. Only to help me track and work with my own reading.

And yes, there are some poets I don’t wait to have come to me, rather I go seeking after them, while some I won’t care if I never hear from again. Again, my choice. Noted herein for my own purposes. Not meant to advise any other reader.

And then the pet peeve this post is meant to act as present and future personal reference. The following list comprises websites I personally avoid. If and when the rare reference to any of these sites appears in this blog, it will always be without a direct link, because of what this blog is about: I myself avoid these sites whenever possible. If and when I want to at least temporarily point to a poem or poet or other page at any of these sites, I will generally do so through a third party, such as the Internet Archives, so as to abstain from giving the offensive source itself so much as a single direct visit from me. And even then, the citation I give in these pages will only be intended to mark a note for me to either find a more suitable web version of the poem or page at some acceptable website, or else eventually remove the web reference altogether and replace the citation with directions on where to find the material in my own personal offline library shelves.

Generally, but not in every instance, my personal beef with these websites is that I consider them to be predatory poetry pimps, with no real interest in their content beyond how they might abuse it for their persistent cookies, their intrusive pop-ups, and their extensive screen adverts, virtually none of which have even a remote connection to poetry. Indeed, I do them too kind a compliment to call them pimps, since at least the typical pimp has a mutual agreement with his prostitutes and returns at least a portion of his gains to them. These websites don’t care the least about raping poetry for their own commercial interests, period.

So anyone coming across this blog, do as you please and make your own choice. As for me, there is quite enough good poetry on and off the web, that I need not ever visit the poetry being screwed at places such as the following sites, considered off limits to my own personal reading —

  • google — the absolute worst offender!! google regularly violates terms of service it pretends to enforce against its own users, but worst to poets is its crude commercialization of its search and indexation services for its own greed without any payback whatsoever to the poets or their art. for all the online poetry reading I do — which is far more extensive than even this meager blog can ever indicate — I always avoid use of google or any google product, and I strongly recommend any other poetry reader to do the same!
  • poemhunter — the second worst!! if you attempt to close an unwanted pop-up here, you earn yourself another pop-up insulting you for daring to choose to get their crap off your screen; then try to close that insulting pop-up, and rather than get the point, you simply get yet another pop-up! for good poetry without the kind of tactics frauds specialize in, a good start is to avoid ever setting foot on this website! if I ever get that desperate for any single solitary poem that exists absolutely nowhere else on the entire web except for there, I’d do far better to simply turn my computer off and go to the bookstore to get the real deal from the book!
  • blackcatpoems — through early March, I’d resisted adding this site to the blacklist, too easily charmed by some of the discoveries I’d made exploring their selections; but with so much broader a variety and so much deeper a bench on websites that respect their poets, their poetry, and their audience, why bother with this any more than any of the other over-commercialized sites here?
  • americanpoems
  • bartleby
  • famouspoetsandpoems

[more to be added to this list in due course . . .]

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