2011 02 25

86AlmanacKarl Wilhelm Ramler b.1725; Thomas Moore d.1852; Cesário Verde b.1855; James Kenneth Stephen b.1859; Robert Hayden d.1980; A. R. Ammons d.2001; Bill Holm d.2009

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. Spring — Gerald Stern [The New Yorker] Added to my spring set.
  2. Re-reading from the vault: Backward Sonnet for a Forward Thinker — Caitlin Doyle [Rattle] Which will of course trip on over to my sonnet set.
  3. The Belltower — Diane di Prima [E-Verse Radio] “all leavetaking is in autumn”
  4. Driving Montana, Alone — Katie Phillips [The Writer’s Almanac] “I smile at the stack of Bob Dylan CDs / you are not holding in the passenger seat.”
  5. To Be Continued: A Parable — Samuel Hazo [Poetry Daily] Or something like.
  6. scalawag — Uljana Wolf (translated by Ute Schwartz) [Verse Daily] “that old toad in my throat”
  7. Three poems in French and English: (1) Hölderlin à la tour / Hölderlin in the tower; (2) Manawydan’s Glass Door (d’après David Jones, 1931); and (3) Suite — Heather Dohollau [qarrtsiluni] “It is good to have the impossible in one’s life / because it cannot be lost” — especially the impossible of poetry.
  8. Oblation — L. Lamar Wilson [No Tell Motel] Concrete as cigarette smoke. Beautiful twists.
  9. Kristin’s Dream In November — Bernadette Mayer [Poets.org]
  10. Medical History — Carrie Shipers [Poetry Foundation] “My mother saved anyone / who asked, but never me”
  11. Seeing It Through — Alice Friman [Poetry Foundation]
  12. Valentine — Lorna Dee Cervantes [Poetry Out Loud] Never too late to get concrete about it.
  13. Snow Day — Billy Collins [Poem of the Day] “But for now I am a willing prisoner in this house, / a sympathizer with the anarchic cause of snow.”
  14. The Chimney Sweeper: A little black thing among the snow — William Blake [Representative Poetry Online] “‘Who make up a heaven of our misery'”
  15. Moly — Thom Gunn [Poetry Archive]
  16. Kubla Khan — Samuel Taylor Coleridge [Poetry In Voice] Nothing at all to mind about reading and reciting it again.
  17. Red River — Rudyard Fearon [Canadian Poetry Online]
  18. Catch the Sunshine — Ardelia Cotton Barton [Black Cat Poems]
  19. Advent Windows — Kevin Andrew Murphy [Lilt]
  20. And Then, of Course, There’s Hope — Jenn Habel [From the Fishouse]
  21. Ode to a Nightingale — John Keats; with reading by Jennifer Grotz [Poets on Poets]
  22. Modern Love: XIV [“What soul would bargain for a cure that brings”] — George Meredith [Wikisource] “The game you play at is not to my mind.”
  23. Sonnets from the Portuguese: XX [“Beloved, my Beloved, when I think”] — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Wikisource]
  24. In Memoriam A. H. H.: XXIV [“And was the day of my delight”] — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource]
  25. Sonnet LVI [“Sweet love renew thy force, be it not said”] — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “Or call it winter, which being full of care, / Makes summer’s welcome, thrice more wished, more rare.”
  26. The Joy of the Drop: Ghazal 11 [“You should have waited a little longer”] — Mirza Ghalib — “as if days like this occur more than once”
  27. A Lover’s Lullaby — George Gascoigne [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “Go sleep, and so beguile thy mind!”
  28. Red Jacket — Fitz-Greene Halleck [Yale Book of American Verse] “a whirlwind of the heart’s emotions, / Love, hatred, pride, hope, sorrow—all save fear.”
  29. The Raven and Other Poems: The Lake — To —— — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore]
  30. A Boy’s Will: Now Close the Windows — Robert Frost [Wikisource]
  31. Regarding Chainsaws — Hayden Carruth [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)]
  32. Now That I am in Madrid I Can Think — Frank O’Hara [Poetry 365]
  33. Sonnet: A Sonnet [“Two voices are there”] — James Kenneth Stephen (b.2/25/1859) [Representative Poetry Online]
  34. In Absentia — Adam Fell [Ink Node] “Why so surprised / considering what I have inside me?”
  35. Judging Distances — Henry Reed [The Poetry of Henry Reed] “There may be dead ground in between; and I may not have got / The knack of judging a distance”
  36. The Evening Is Tranquil, and Dawn Is a Thousand Miles Away — Charles Wright [The New Yorker]
  37. The Time I’ve Lost in Wooing — Thomas Moore (d.2/25/1852) [Wikisource] Limerickesque pitting of wisdom against the pursuit of beauty.
  38. Frederick Douglass — Robert Hayden (d.2/25/1980) [Poetry Foundation]
  39. Called into Play — A. R. Ammons (d.2/25/2001) [Poets.org] “but I’m only me: I have 4 / interests–money, poetry, sex, death”
  40. J. S. Bach: F# Minor Toccata — Bill Holm (d.2/25/2009) [Poets.org] “grim wisdom”
  41. Mad Girl’s Love Song — Sylvia Plath [Neurotic Poets] Always been one of my favorite villanelles, and one of the first poems I took the time during childhood to memorize without a classroom assignment as the purpose.
  42. Buddha (excerpt) — Glen Alyn [Pecan Grove Press]
  43. Two poems: (1) The Darkness; and (2) Down/Up — Jimmy Burns [Wordgathering] “When ceremony finished / they raised him…”
  44. One Marriage, Three Airports or One Airport, Three Marriages — Sherman Alexie [Unsplendid] A trio of trioletesque poems.
  45. Bee Tree [pdf] — Cathryn Hankla [Shenandoah]
  46. City Lamb — Natasha Kessler [RealPoetik] “This is a safe place.”
  47. The cutting edge of literature — Alan Ferrett [Magma Poetry] Or the cutting edge of a poem.
  48. Audience — Angela Gardner [Great Works]
  49. Three poems: (1) Entertainments; (2) The Indigo Hours; and (3) 1994 — Michael S. Hennessey [Jacket]
  50. A Woman Painted on a Leaf — Eavan Boland [Asheville Poetry Review] “I want a poem I can die in.”
  51. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Two poems: (1) The last illusion; and (2) Prayers down, words up — Anthony Ryan [Electric Acorn] “And then I’ll do the next one… / and the next one after that.”
  52. From the vault: Through a Glass Darkly — Traci Brimhall [Slate] “The future is not disguised / as sleep.”
  53. Rest on the Hunt — George Szirtes [The Times Literary Supplement] “a climax from which all movement would be decay”
  54. The Lacedaemonian boy — Adam L. Dressler [The New Criterion] “did not appear / to feel the pain or that it mattered”
  55. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: The Anniversary — Robert Pinsky [poemeleon]
  56. Born In Time — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “You can have what’s left of me / Where we were born in time”
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