84This post (obviously very much in its opening stages at this point) will be continuously updated, for collecting and sorting poems that incorporate a particular focus on a specific city.

acapulco boston fairbanks houston milwaukee
mobile nashville new orleans new york ocean city san francisco


  1. Dylan, Bob — Goin’ To Acapulco [Bob Dylan]


  1. Alexander, Elizabeth — Boston Year [Poetry Foundation]


  1. Haines, JohnFairbanks Under the Solstice []


  1. Greenbaum, Jessica — Houston in the Early Eighties [Poetry Foundation]
  2. Mazur, Gail — In Houston [Poetry Foundation]


  1. Cook, MattMom in Milwaukee [The Writer’s Almanac]


  1. Dylan, Bob — Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [Bob Dylan]


  1. Harvey, Stephen — Nashville, Secondhand [14 by 14]

New Orleans

  1. Cortez, JayneTalking About New Orleans []
  2. Dylan, Bob — Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag [Bob Dylan]

New York

  1. Dylan, Bob — Hard Times In New York Town [Bob Dylan]
  2. Dylan, Bob — Talkin’ New York [Bob Dylan]

Ocean City

  1. Spires, Elizabeth — Ocean City: Early March [Poetry Foundation]

San Francisco

  1. Mann, RandallThe Mortician in San Francisco [How a Poem Happens]

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