2011 02 24

85AlmanacMaciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski b.1595; Vincent Voiture b.1597; Arrigo Boito b.1842; Aboul-Qacem Echebbi b.1909; Weldon Kees b.1914; Etel Adnan b.1925; Daryl Hine b.1936; Maxine Chernoff b.1952; Jane Hirshfield b.1953; Christopher Merrill b.1957

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. From A Farewell to English — Michael Hartnett [Asheville Poetry Review] “Among my living friends / there is no poet I do not love”
  2. Equinox — Joy Harjo [Poets.org] Added to my spring set.
  3. One of the Maenads Speaks to the Singing Head of Orpheus as It Floats Downriver — Traci Brimhall [Ink Node] “Don’t mourn. After love, / there is more love. I have seen it.”
  4. The Hit Man Absentmindedly Kills a Fly — Laurie Blauner [Rattle] “I let the air wash me, a congregation of / sounds beginning and ending.”
  5. Gun Moose Snow — Anna Rabinowitz [Poetry Daily] “‘Pay dirt! I’ve hit pay dirt,’ she squeals with glee.
  6. Weldon Kees — Weldon Kees (b.2/24/1914) [Poetry Foundation] “Or, fed on hate, she relishes the sting / Of others’ agony”
  7. Children Selecting Books In A Library — Randall Jarrell [E-Verse Radio] “it is because we live / By trading another’s sorrow for our own”
  8. 15 — Philip Schultz [The Writer’s Almanac]
  9. While You Were Away — Richard Jackson [Verse Daily]
  10. Two poems with cello accompaniment: (1) in translation; and (2) I SAID I — Sheila Packa (with Kathy McTavish) [qarrtsiluni] “I meant / the lonely road where I walk”
  11. Tarry — L. Lamar Wilson [No Tell Motel] “From its summit, the sun shadows me in my prison.”
  12. Strip Show — Zach Savich [Poets.org] “the foul capillary sheen” (not the same one giving CBS fits).
  13. Ocean City: Early March — Elizabeth Spires [Poetry Foundation] Along with its reading today, this one will head over to my new set on Cities, then next week will reappear (and be re-read) for a set I’ll open up for March.
  14. Figure — Josephine Miles [Poetry Foundation] “Having not mathematics, my head / Bursts with anguish of not understanding.”
  15. Meditation on Yellow — Olive Senior [3quarksdaily]
  16. Filling Station — Elizabeth Bishop [Poetry Out Loud] “Somebody loves us all.”
  17. You loved me not at all, but let it go — Edna St. Vincent Millay [Poem of the Day] “I loved you more than life, but let it be.”
  18. From the vault: Dance Figure — Ezra Pound [Poetry Moment]
  19. The Book of Urizen (excerpt) — William Blake [Representative Poetry Online] !! Good Blake reading today! (OK, now where can I find the entire poem?)
  20. The Frog Prince — Stevie Smith [Poetry Archive] “Only disenchanted people / Can be heavenly.”
  21. I Am — John Clare [Poetry In Voice] Yes, I know. I read this and listened to a reading of it but two days ago. The quick repeat is reminding me I’ve been meaning to freshen up an ancient memorization of it.
  22. The End of the Affair — George Ellenbogen [Canadian Poetry Online]
  23. For Zeus (Some Say Poseidon) — Edward Alan Bartholomew [Black Cat Poems] A Petrarchan.
  24. Red Kiss — Mary Meriam [Lilt] An exquisite triolet! Excellent use of the form!
  25. Commandments — Tony Barnstone [From the Fishouse] Or else.
  26. Little Black Boy — William Blake; with reading by Mary Crockett Hill [Poets on Poets]
  27. Modern Love: XIII [“‘I play for Seasons; not Eternities!'”] — George Meredith [Wikisource] “This lesson of our only visible friend / Can we not teach our foolish hearts to learn?”
  28. Sonnets from the Portuguese: XIX [“The soul’s Rialto hath its merchandize”] — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Wikisource]
  29. In Memoriam A. H. H.: XXIII [“Now, sometimes in my sorrow shut”] — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource]
  30. Sonnet LV [“Not marble, nor the gilded monuments”] — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “But you shall shine more bright in these contents / Than unswept stone, besmeared with sluttish time.”
  31. The Joy of the Drop: Ghazal 10 [“I saw the blaze in a friend but avoided flame”] — Mirza Ghalib — “We have sold ourselves along with our poems”
  32. Amantium Irae — Richard Edwardes [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  33. On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake — Fitz-Greene Halleck [Yale Book of American Verse]
  34. The Raven and Other Poems: To the River —— — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore]
  35. A Boy’s Will: The Demiurge’s Laugh — Robert Frost [Wikisource] “It has lasted me many and many a year.”
  36. Tristia — Osip Mandelstam (translated by James Greene) [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] “Not for us to guess at Grecian Erebus”
  37. Hunting Horns (Cors de Chasse) — Guillaume Apollinaire [Poetry 365] “I’ll frequently turn back”
  38. Sonnet: Ennui — Sylvia Plath [Blackbird]
  39. A Boy Juggling a Soccer Ball — Christopher Merrill (b.2/24/1957) [Poets.org] “He wheels around, he marches / over the ball, as if it were a rock / he stumbled into”
  40. Mathematics — Jane Hirshfield (b.2/24/1953) [Poetry Foundation] “Does a poem enlarge the world, / or only our idea of the world?
  41. Lost and Found — Maxine Chernoff (b.2/24/1952) [Poetry Foundation] “Come home to me, you little fool, before I find I can live without you.”
  42. Echo — Daryl Hine (b.2/24/1936) [Poetry Foundation] “Shun love if you suspect that he shuns you, / Use with him no reproaches whatsoever.”
  43. The Door and the Window — Henry Reed [The Poetry of Henry Reed] “But the window further away, and the door in another direction.”
  44. Heaven’s Eel — Charles Wright [The New Yorker] Added to the fish in my little menagerie.
  45. Janitor — Chris Green [Salt Hill Journal]
  46. Two poems: (1) Marney; and (2) Missing — Traci Brimhall [2River View] “You’re still fresh here”
  47. After the Evening Movie [pdf] — Luljeta Lleshanaku [Witness]
  48. Two poems: (1) Begin Again; and (2) Understudy — Barb Crane [Mezzo Cammin]
  49. My Guardian Biped — Gilbert Allen [Free Lunch]
  50. Audit — Tony Barnstone [The Formalist] “she takes his sum and sees / the countless reasons she should need him less.”
  51. Ritorno — Mario Petrucci [Magma Poetry] “Gentle, / the way he used to.”
  52. joining the dots — Angela Gardner [Great Works]
  53. Song — Lynne Hjelmgaard [Jacket] “What to do with the wash, the salt, the sea, the dead fish?”
  54. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Two poems: (1) the spear that; and (2) At Finglas Cemetery — Berhardt O’Rafftery [Electric Acorn] “Not by ignorance or grace”
  55. From the vault: Quotidian — Nancy Devine [Leveler] “Skim”? Or skin?
  56. The Wind Chime — Stephen Watson [Words Without Borders] “I can offer no more than one chance day / loosened by the weather”
  57. dearest, — Jean Valentine [Thethe Poetry Blog] “Water to water.”
  58. To my dear friend M. J. Jackson, a disparager of this treatise — A. M. Juster [The New Criterion] “Come now, accept; that day we join the dead is coming”
  59. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: Healing a Lunatic Boy — Charles Causley [Poetry Archive]
  60. My Wife’s Home Town — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] Calling it home town doesn’t make it eligible for the Cities set I’ve started, even if many have their forwarding address set there.
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