2011 02 12

70AlmanacThomas Campion b.1567; William Whitehead b.1715; Elkanah Settle d.1724; George Meredith b.1828; Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer b.1865; Alice Cary d.1871; Isabella Valancy Crawford d.1887; S. Foster Damon b.1893; Joan Vincent Murray b.1917; Subhash Mukhopadhyay b.1919; Alan Dugan b.1923; Christopher Caudwell d.1937; George Elliott Clarke b.1960; Muriel Rukeyser d.1980

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. The Bear Hunt — Abraham Lincoln [Poetry Foundation] “pompous, two-legged dogs there be, / Conceited quite as you” – I wasn’t aware he’d been in attendance at this past week’s meeting.
  2. Now Winter Nights Enlarge — Thomas Campion (b.2/12/1567) [Poets.org] “Now winter nights enlarge / This number of their hours” – No problem. We have a pot of hearty groundhog soup stewing in the fireplace.
  3. Cumberland Gap — Steve Westbrook [Rattle] “you may envy mountains for their grand tectonic / accidents, their lack of consciousness”
  4. Two poems: (1) Said; and (2) Cramming for Finals — Philip Appleman [The Writer’s Almanac] “Who said it was going to be multiple choice / on the later work of O. Henry James Joyce?”
  5. Taken Unawares — Eugene Dubnov (translated from the Russian by X. J. Kennedy with the author) [Poetry Daily]
  6. March 22, 2000, at This Stone — Tom Holmes [Verse Daily]
  7. Two poems: (1) Threesome; and (2) France — Ali Abdolrezaei (translated by Abol Froushan) [qarrtsiluni] The first of Threesome had me singing some Dylan against reciting some cummings in the back of my mind in a way that seemed like I could almost have remembered the dream of my own from the series in common that it came from.
  8. Love in a Life — Robert Browning [Poets.org] As we reach through the weekend toward Monday’s encounter with romantic poetry.
  9. Life in a Love — Robert Browning [Poetry In Voice] Ditto, mirrored.
  10. Midas Passional — Lisa Russ Spaar [Poetry Foundation] Not from their “Poems of the Day” corner, which is as unreliable as their print subscription service. So very very very many high quality poetry publications where a reader’s money will be better spent in the future.
  11. Learning to Love America — Shirley Geok-Lin Lim [Poetry Out Loud]
  12. The Affliction of Margaret — William Wordsworth [Poetry Moment]
  13. Elegy — Ambrose Bierce [Representative Poetry Online] “I only stay / To fiddle-faddle in a minor key.”
  14. Piss Flower — Jo Shapcott [Poetry Archive] If only I were still back in high school facing an assignment to choose a poem to memorize for classroom recital….
  15. all my seasick sailors — Lynn Crosbie [Canadian Poetry Online] It’s all over now.
  16. Fading Days — Obadiah Cyrus Auringer [Black Cat Poems] A sonnet that starts out Petrarchan, then extends the octave’s rhyme scheme another four past a small preliminary volta, closing with a Shakespearianesque couplet after the poem’s main volta.
  17. All in green went my love riding — E. E. Cummings [Lilt]
  18. Small Murders — Aimee Nezhukumatathil [From the Fishouse] “I let him have it: twenty-seven kisses // on my neck, twenty-seven small murders of you.”
  19. To Autumn — John Keats; with reading by Lisa Lewis [Poets on Poets] This interference with my seasonal dislocation seen earlier this month at the same website, but with a different reader.
  20. Modern Love: I [“By this he knew she wept with waking eyes”] — George Meredith (b.2/12/1828) [Wikisource] “looking through their dead black years, / By vain regret scrawled over the blank wall”
  21. Sonnets from the Portuguese: VII [“The face of all the world is changed, I think”] — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Wikisource] “thy name moves right in what they say”
  22. In Memoriam A. H. H.: XI [“Calm is the morn without a sound”] — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource] “And dead calm in that noble breast / Which heaves but with the heaving deep.”
  23. Sonnet XLIII [“When most I wink then do mine eyes best see”] — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “All days are nights to see till I see thee, / And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.”
  24. Forget not yet — Sir Thomas Wyatt [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “The mind that never meant amiss— / Forget not yet!”
  25. The Raven and Other Poems: To F—- — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore]
  26. A Boy’s Will: In a Vale — Robert Frost [Wikisource]
  27. Pura Vida — John Updike [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)]
  28. White Crane — Dean Young [Poetry 365]
  29. The Je Ne Scai Quoi — William Whitehead (b.2/12/1715) [Poet’s Corner] “I’ll swear I can’t tell how / The pleasing plague stole on me.”
  30. What a Wretched Woman Said to Me — Alice Cary (d.2/12/1871) [Wikisource] “Hence the young light shrunk up within my eyes, / And left them blank and bold.”
  31. The Camp of Souls — Isabella Valancy Crawford (d.2/12/1887) [Representative Poetry Online] “Two hundred times have the wintry moons / Wrapped the dead earth in a blanket white” – Feels like two thousand just since this past December.”
  32. Whether flowers bloom or not — Subhash Mukhopadhyay (b.2/12/1919) [The Little Magazine] “Hiding his face in the dark / that sinewy tree / was still laughing.”
  33. Fabrication of Ancestors — Alan Dugan (b.2/12/1923) [Poetry Foundation]
  34. The Firing Party — Christopher Caudwell (d.2/12/1937) [Representative Poetry Online] “My only fault that I misjudged my spirit / And volunteered, and now disgrace inherit?”
  35. Everything Is Free — George Elliott Clarke (b.2/12/1960) [Poetry Foundation] Or if not everything, at least Egypt is, right?
  36. The Poem as Mask — Muriel Rukeyser (d.2/12/1980) [Poets.org] “Now, for the first time, the god lifts his hand, / the fragments join in me with their own music.”
  37. Referenced in the E-Verse Radio poem post read here yesterday, this morning I devoted a fair portion of my reading time to: Ardency: A Chronicle of the Amistad Rebels (excerpts) — Kevin Young [at Length]
  38. Cooking With Medicine [pdf] — Chad McCracken [New Letters Magazine]
  39. They Put Their Pants on One Leg at a Time — Billy Mullaney [Ivory Tower]
  40. At South Elmham Minister — R.F. Langley [PN Review]
  41. The Greatest Sin is to be Unconscious — Ruth E. Foley [Umbrella]
  42. To a Reader, Somewhere — Michael Ferris [14 by 14]
  43. Release — Helena Nelson [Magma Poetry] “Confess. / Open your body. It beats like a door.”
  44. Sonnet A — Jennifer Cooke [Great Works]
  45. Poem (“Avion, Gorrion.”) — Ben Mazer [Jacket]
  46. A Buddha in the Woodpile — Lawrence Ferlinghetti [Asheville Poetry Review]
  47. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Three poems: (1) Trapper’s Cabin; (2) Gift to my daughter in England; and (3) I am of this earth — Deirdre Hendrie [Electric Acorn]
  48. the man with the beautiful eyes — Charles Bukowski [Toronto Quarterly] “they had been / afraid of / the man with the / beautiful / eyes.”
  49. Feathers — Lorraine Mariner [Guardian]
  50. Four poems: (1) The Tabernacle; (2) A Subject Trace; (3) Memoria Technica; and (4) Detonation Point — Matthew Gagnon [Web Conjunctions] “I brace for the dust / cloud, an ocean / that goes uninjured”
  51. The kiss of death — George Bradley [The New Criterion] “The kiss is not, as a rule, preceded / by forecast or preemptive forgiveness.”
  52. Algebra, when it Snowed — Emily Vogel [The Best American Poetry] Included in the context of a discussion of the use of internet social networks for communication of new poetry.
  53. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: Two poems: Now That We Are Married; and (2) Things Married People Do — Trey Jordan Harris [DIAGRAM]
  54. Love Minus Zero/No Limit — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “My love she laughs like the flowers / Valentines can’t buy her”
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