2011 02 06

AlmanacDžore Držić b.1461; Évariste de Parny b.1753; Rubén Darío d.1916; Louis Dudek b.1918; Shankha Ghosh b.1932; Victor Hernández Cruz b.1949; Deborah Digges b.1950; Maxwell Bodenheim d.1954; James Merrill d.1995; José Craveirinha d.2003; Robert Dana d.2010

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. I Take My Leave of You — Džore Držić (b.2/6/1461) [Wikisource] “I do, my love, take leave of you, may God’s good grace go with us both”
  2. Two poems: (1) [without shadow]; and (2) [without motive] — Maxine Chernoff [Improbable Object] Without either, without both.
  3. The Flies — James Valvis [Rattle] “Moonlight / slimed through the window.” It does so whenever there are flies to mate with.
  4. Lion — Jericho Brown [E-Verse Radio] “How bite-less I feel, the mouth / I don’t close, his head in my throat.”
  5. Modern Declaration — Edna St. Vincent Millay [The Writer’s Almanac] “Shall love you always.”
  6. Oil Is a Sign of Generosity — Chad Davidson [Poetry Daily]
  7. Gallant Phantoms through the Pineapple Door — Travis Nichols [Verse Daily]
  8. To George Sand: A Recognition — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Poets.org]
  9. He Considers Not the Lilies but Their Excellencies — Thomas P. Lynch [Poetry Foundation] Still trying to be patient awaiting their hard copy delivery. Is their traditional processing really this slow? Why?
  10. Shiloh: A Requiem (April, 1862) — Herman Melville [Poetry Out Loud]
  11. The Snow-Storm — Ralph Waldo Emerson [Poem of the Day] Again, after already re-reading it just last week. Not to complain. If I had the time to re-read almost everything I’ve been reading, then still have time to read others, I’d do so. But if I don’t have that kind of time, at least this one’s not a bad one to keep pulling back up every week or so, this winter anyway. Thanks, Ralph.
  12. Elegy — George Gordon Noel Byron [Poetry Moment]
  13. Sister, Awake! Close not Your Eyes — Thomas Bateson [Representative Poetry Online]
  14. In the Evening — Adrienne Rich [Poetry Archive]
  15. No Coward Soul Is Mine — Emily Brontë [Poetry In Voice]
  16. April Iceberg Off Bragg’s Island — Lesley Choyce [Canadian Poetry Online]
  17. The God — René Arcos [Black Cat Poems]
  18. We’ll go no more a-roving — Lord Byron [Lilt]
  19. Imagined Love Poem to My Mother from My Father — Joseph O. Legaspi [From the Fishouse]
  20. A Poison Tree — William Blake; with reading by Cleopatra Mathis [Poets on Poets]
  21. Sonnets from the Portuguese: I [“I thought once how Theocritus had sung”] — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Wikisource]
  22. In Memoriam A. H. H.: V [“I sometimes hold it half a sin”] — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource]
  23. Sonnet XXXVII [“As a decrepit father takes delight”] — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “Look what is best, that best I wish in thee”
  24. The Old Cloak — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  25. The Raven and Other Poems: Dream-Land — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore]
  26. A Boy’s Will: To the Thawing Wind — Robert Frost [Wikisource]
  27. Danse Russe — William Carlos Williams [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] “‘I am lonely, lonely. / I was born to be lonely, / I am best so!'”
  28. To Mother — Gennady Aygi (translated by Sarah Valentine) [Circumference]
  29. Narrative Containing a Sentence from the Book of Job — Douglas Smith [Cimarron Review]
  30. Santa Fe Trail, Kansas — Chris O’Carroll [The Chimera]
  31. Carole’s Visit — Emma-Jane Arkady [Magma Poetry]
  32. Animals Are Not Your Friends [4] — Rupert Loydell [Great Works] “I am wrapped / in dreams and still waiting for / colour to turn into light.”
  33. Two poems: (1) Something That Was Not Fragmented; and (2) I Can’t Make You Wrong No More — Jeffrey Side [Jacket]
  34. The Kiss — Charles Fishman [Asheville Poetry Review]
  35. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: The Wake of Wonder (excerpts) — Rosemarie Rowley [Electric Acorn]
  36. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: The Lovers Leave By Separate Planes — Maxine Kumin [The Writer’s Almanac]
  37. ‘Til I Fell In Love With You — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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