2011 02 05

AlmanacEsteban Manuel de Villegas b.1589; Johan Ludvig Runeberg b.1804; Émile Roumer b.1903; K. S. Nissar Ahmed b.1936; Banjo Paterson d.1941; Janine Pommy Vega b.1942; Giannina Braschi b.1953; Marianne Moore d.1972

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. Not Guilty — David Rivard [Poetry Out Loud]
  2. Three poems: (1) Crooked Tree, Everyone; (2) Metal; and (3) Landscapes with Salmon and Small Countries — C.J. Sage [Improbable Object]
  3. Colonoscopy — Ron Charach [Canadian Poetry Online]
  4. Two poems from the Turkish (1) Coral; and (2) Songs — Ahmet Uysal (translated by Nesrin Eruysal and Ken Fifer) [qarrtsiluni] “It’s strange, as I grow old / I think of weeds with blue flowers / Swaying on shore, never of death.”
  5. First Night Floor is Deck — Victor W. Pearn [The Writer’s Almanac]
  6. The Bridge of Sighs — Thomas Hood [Poetry Moment] “One more Unfortunate / Weary of breath / Rashly importunate, / Gone to her death!”
  7. Naked I Come, Naked I Go — Marilyn Chin [Poetry Daily]
  8. To George Sand: A Desire — Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Poets.org] Petrarchan sonnet.
  9. You and I, the Cranes, the River — Marjorie Saiser [Verse Daily]
  10. Matthew Arnold On hearing him read his Poems in Boston — Katharine Lee Bates [Representative Poetry Online]
  11. On Edges — Adrienne Rich [Poetry Archive]
  12. Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun — Emily Brontë [Poetry In Voice]
  13. Desert Song — Joseph Aprile [Black Cat Poems]
  14. London — William Blake [Lilt]
  15. The Summer Carnival — Luisa A. Igloria [From the Fishouse] Good one to indulge in on a day like today.
  16. The Tyger — William Blake; with reading by Cleopatra Mathis [Poets on Poets] As ever.
  17. In Memoriam A. H. H.: IV — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource] “With morning wakes the will, and cries, / ‘Thou shalt not be the fool of loss.'”
  18. Sonnet XXXVI — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection]
  19. Balow — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  20. The Raven and Other Poems: Israfel — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore] ” None sing so wildly well / As the angel Israfel”
  21. A Boy’s Will: Wind and Window Flower — Robert Frost [Wikisource]
  22. The Flea — John Donne [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] Of course I’ve read this one enough times to have had it memorized, but one more time never hurts.
  23. Waltzing Matilda — Banjo Paterson (d.2/5/1941) [Wikisource]
  24. Ravens Hiding in a Shoe — Robert Bly [Poetry Foundation]
  25. Those Various Scalpels — Marianne Moore (d.2/5/1972) [Poetry Foundation]
  26. Travel Papers — Carolyn Forché [Poetry Foundation] Should have been reading this on paper by now. Oh well.
  27. By the Sea — Maura Stanton [The Atlantic]
  28. Against Hydrophobia — Angie Hogan [Bellingham Review]
  29. Elegy with a Red Balloon — Bethany L. Carlson [Night Train]
  30. Girl Talk — Denise Duhamel [Sliver of Stone]
  31. Two poems: (1) Psalm; and (2) How It Might Have Happened — Sheila Black [Wordgathering]
  32. Scarves — Helen Nicholson [Magma Poetry]
  33. Animals Are Not Your Friends [3] — Rupert Loydell [Great Works] And I’m an animal.
  34. Two poems: (1) Engageantes = detachable sleeves; and (2) The underside of the miniature plane — Elizabeth Smither [Jacket]
  35. Chagall, “The Woman with the Blue Face” — Katherine Graham [Asheville Poetry Review]
  36. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Four poems: (1) [I watched her turn from abused to abuser]; (2) [I saw the pain, the anger, the fear]; (3) [What to say of this friend of mine]; and (4) This is the end — Brid Quinn [Electric Acorn]
  37. Awón/Sin — Nathalie Handal [Guardian] “Your pain will hang inside mine, / mine inside yours, you will / comb my hair, and I will comb yours.”
  38. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: Easel — Rebecca Bernard [Word Riot]
  39. Seeing The Real You At Last — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “I’d like to get you to change your mind / But it looks like you won’t”
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