2011 02 04

AlmanacRobert Blair d.1746; Jean Aicard b.1848; Jean Richepin b.1849; E. J. Pratt b.1882; Jacques Prévert b.1900; Melvin B. Tolson b.1900; Edwin Denby b.1903; Julian Bell b.1908; Gavin Ewart b.1916; Agha Shahid Ali b.1949; Louise Bogan d.1970; Arnljot Eggen d.2009

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. To a Lady, Who Valu’d Herself on Speaking Her Mind in a Blunt Manner, Which She Call’d Being Sincere — Mary Barber [Representative Poetry Online]
  2. The Remains — Mark Strand [Poem of the Day] “The words follow each other downwind.”
  3. Four poems: (1) Moat; (2) The Speculation of Cellular Memory; (3) BLACK BOX (reminiscent of a “round the block” poem I read several years ago); and (4) A brief Trajectory of Water — Christine Marshall [Improbable Object]
  4. Two Views of a Cadaver Room — Sylvia Plath [The Times Literary Supplement]
  5. Mammogram — Jo McDougall [The Writer’s Almanac]
  6. Pulse — Grete Tartler (translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Grete Tartler) [Poetry Daily] Now go back and re-read the one yesterday from Verse Daily, then come back and re-read this one, then over there again, then back here again, and repeat until you skip a beat.
  7. Cost of It — Veronica Golos [Verse Daily]
  8. I Am Too Ugly to Have an Affair — Jessy Randall [No Tell Motel]
  9. Telling — Elisabeth Frost [Poets.org]
  10. The Wooden Toy — Charles Simic [Poetry Out Loud]
  11. Snow beneath whose chilly softness — Emily Dickinson [Poem of the Day]
  12. The Pride of Youth — Walter Scott [Poetry Moment]
  13. Belfast Confetti — Ciaran Carson [Poetry Archive]
  14. The Author to Her Book — Anne Bradstreet [Poetry In Voice]
  15. On The Outer Islands: Pointe Au Baril — John Bruce [Canadian Poetry Online]
  16. My Mother’s Hands — Zaina Anwar [Black Cat Poems]
  17. Supplication — Kate Bernadette Benedict [Lilt]
  18. Welcome to My Cabaret — Angie Hogan [From the Fishouse]
  19. Trespass — John Clare; with reading by Roger Fanning [Poets on Poets]
  20. In Memoriam A. H. H.: III — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Wikisource]
  21. Sonnet XXXV — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “For to thy sensual fault I bring in sense, / Thy adverse party is thy advocate”
  22. As ye came from the Holy Land — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  23. The Raven and Other Poems: Catholic Hymn — Edgar Allan Poe [Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore]
  24. A Boy’s Will: Storm Fear — Robert Frost [Wikisource]
  25. The Skunk — Seamus Heaney [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)]
  26. [Disorder, mental, strikes me] — Edwin Denby (b.2/4/1903) [Jacket]
  27. Ten poems from ‘Manhattan Sonnets’ (after Edwin Denby) — Lynne Hjelmgaard [Jacket]
  28. Edwin Sitting — Vincent Katz [Jacket]
  29. Ode (To Edwin Denby): The Usual Graffiti — Nicole Mauro [Jacket]
  30. Poem (‘Fortunate proximity of lives…’) — Simon Pettet [Jacket]
  31. A california submerged — Brian Kim Stefans [Jacket]
  32. Five poems, read by the author: (1) The Shoulder; (2) The Subway; (3) City Without Smoke; (4) Disorder, mental, strikes me; I; and (5) Suppose there’s a cranky woman inside me who — Edwin Denby [Jacket]
  33. The Grave (excerpt) — Robert Blair (d.2/4/1746) [Representative Poetry Online]
  34. Silences — E. J. Pratt (b.2/4/1882) [Canadian Poetry Online]
  35. The Birth of John Henry — Melvin B. Tolson (b.2/4/1900) [Poetry Foundation]
  36. To a Dead Lover — Louise Bogan (d.2/4/1970) [Poetry Foundation] “And I have life—that old reason / To wait for what comes, / To leave what is over.”
  37. Two poems (or not): (1) The Black Box; and (2) The Lover Writes a One-Word Poem — Gavin Ewart (b.2/4/1916) [The Writer’s Almanac]
  38. Even the Rain — Agha Shahid Ali (b.2/4/1949) [Poets.org] This weekend for sure, I carve some time out of my reading to get my listing of ghazals started.
  39. Morning Light — Gene Berson [Abalone Moon] I’ll add this to my aubade collection; although it’s on one of the edges, it’s an intriguing edge to be on.
  40. Blue and White — Candace Black [Blood Orange Review]
  41. Five poems: (1) Six Entries on the Invention of Paper; (2) For Years; (3) “Dwell Nowhere and Bring Forth the Mind”; (4) Monologue; and (5) The Raymond-Harrington House, 1872 — Teresa Cader [Perihelion]
  42. Atomic Clock — Kerri Webster [at Length]
  43. The key bearer — Diane Tang [Magma Poetry]
  44. Animals Are Not Your Friends [2] — Rupert Loydell [Great Works] still so.
  45. Four poems (1) Ode: On Arrival; (2) Ode: On Sampling (i); (3) Ode: On Sampling (ii); and (4) Ode: On the Recent Spate of Obituaries — Rob Stanton [Jacket]
  46. Twilight — Ann Dunn [Asheville Poetry Review]
  47. More reading and re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Two poems (1) Activist; and (2) Derval’s World — Maeve O’Sullivan [Electric Acorn]
  48. Cullen in Old Age — P.K. Page [Toronto Quarterly]
  49. Batteries — Lee A. Tonouchi [Rattle]
  50. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: Pantoum On Art — Bruce Covey [Pebble Lake Review] Like, what good pantoum isn’t worth going through again, and again, and then again again?
  51. Farewell Angelina — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “Call me any name you like / I will never deny it”
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