With further members of the set to be added as encountered, perhaps also some additional notes eventually, here’s what I’ve got so far for my triolet collection —

  1. Anthony, David — A Winter Funeral [Lilt]
  2. Bridges, Robert — Triolet [ Poetry]
  3. Byrne, John — Place de la République, Paris [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  4. Chaffin, C. E. — Appeal [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  5. Clark, Antonia — Gilda & Johnny [Umbrella] A triolet sequence!
  6. Geller, Mitchell — Peter’s Request [Lilt]
  7. Hadas, Rachel — Triolets in the Argolid [Poetry Foundation] Six triolets.
  8. Hardy, Thomas — Birds at Winter Nightfall [Selected Poems by Thomas Hardy]
  9. Hardy, Thomas — How Great My Grief []
  10. Hardy, Thomas — The Coquette, and After [ Poetry] A double triolet on a single theme, with the major rhyme set for the first triolet used as the minor rhyme set for the second triolet, and vice versa; but in contrast with Sara Gwen Weaver’s double triolet (listed below), without carryover of any of the repeating lines.
  11. Henley, William Ernest — Easy is the Triolet [Poet’s Corner]
  12. Howard-Hobson, Juleigh — Expertus metuit [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  13. McLean, Susan — Ad Lib [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  14. McPherson, Sandra — Triolet [Poetry Foundation]
  15. Mehigan, Joshua — The Crossroads [Poetry Foundation]
  16. Meriam, Mary — Red Kiss [Lilt] Exquisite!!
  17. Niedt, Bruce W. — All I Want [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  18. Paterson, Banjo — Of all the sickly forms of verse… [Triolets] While undoubtedly “bad writers” can be made worse by abusing any form just as easily as by pretending to be free by ignoring form altogether, a good writer can use the triolet just as effectively as any other form or formless poetry. Sickly it is not – if there any illness to be found, it is in the writer (or the reader), not in the form.
  19. Plovnick, Ross — Aloft [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  20. Smith, J. D. — Crepuscule [Tilt-a-Whirl]
  21. Stallings, A. E. — Triolet on a Line Apocryphally Attributed to Martin Luther [Poetry Foundation]
  22. Weaver, Sara Gwen — A Simple Request Asked of My Doctors [Tilt-a-Whirl] A twist added to a multiple triolet (for instance, as contrasted with Hardy’s “The Coquette, and After” listed above): the primary repeating line of the first triolet becomes the secondary repeating line of the second triolet, with remaining lines taunting at a close rhyme together with their own repetitions. Intoxicating madness.

Other Form Collections at Verse Per Se

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