2011 01 28

AlmanacJohn McCrae d.1918; William Butler Yeats d.1939; Eileen Shanahan d.1979; Joseph Brodsky d.1996

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. High Flight — John Gillespie Magee [Arlington National Cemetery] “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth . . . put out my hand and touched the face of God.”
  2. Feral Cats — Glenn Shaheen [Rattle] “Irreversible.” And I can still hear them.
  3. The End of Sleep — Elizabeth Twiddy [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. In the Room of Glass Breasts — Brenda Hillman [Poetry Daily] “You were called by a silence you can’t understand.” But not chosen.
  5. Romanticism — Ashley Elizabeth Hudson [Verse Daily] As much so as it’s ever expected to get.
  6. Mrs. Moshiach — KJ Hannah Greenberg [qarrtsiluni] By and large, “work” in the final stanza could read “word” just as accurately, regret to say.
  7. Record: 14-16 — Brian Spears [No Tell Motel] Finishing a winning week’s run on a losing record.
  8. Untitled [and the moon once it stopped was sleeping] — Erika Meitner [Poets.org] More than likely the website screwed up the intended formatting. Does anybody (even the poet) care? (Some don’t care to know the answer to that, since they can make up their own moons as they please.)
  9. It Was Like This — Jane Hirshfield [Poetry Foundation]
  10. You with the Crack Running Through You — Kim Addonizio [Poem of the Day] “There are limits / to love.” Yeah, and I love every limit there is. Fun for busting.
  11. Anticipation — Amy Lowell [Everyday Poems] Sorry, Amy, can’t help myself, still chuckling over the one I read yesterday by Mary Meriam. So that song to last in book and heart? What’s the sheet music look like for “the clash and gurgle of filling wine-cups” anyway?
  12. Ah no, it gets even better. A Fixed Idea — Amy Lowell [Poetry Out Loud] “You bind my freedom from its rightful quest. / In mercy lift your drooping wings and go.” (Or am I still hearing those damned cats?)
  13. Seashell — James Berry [Poetry Archive]
  14. Dover Beach — Matthew Arnold [Poetry In Voice]
  15. The Buried Life — Matthew Arnold [Representative Poetry Online] Ol’ Matt’s getting an extra turn today. His words deserve it.
  16. Bone Etchings — Joe Blades [Canadian Poetry Online] Tagging this one off to the side, something here I want to touch more of, maybe in etchings and echoes together with fire’s bones?…
  17. Christ on the Shore — William Alexander [Black Cat Poems]
  18. The Ballad of Barbara Allen — [Anonymous] [Lilt]
  19. Cherry Tomatoes — Sandra Beasley [From the Fishouse] “my stomach / was rocked from inside // out. Little boat, big sea.” I know the feeling too well, from when we came back in.
  20. Ode to a Nightingale — John Keats; with reading by Robert Pinsky [Poets on Poets]
  21. Sonnet XXVIII — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “How can I then return in happy plight / That am debarred the benefit of rest?”
  22. Towneley Plays. The Shepherds’ Play, II. — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  23. The Prophet: Prayer — Khalil Gibran. *shrug*
  24. Tamerlane and Other Poems: The Lake — Edgar Allan Poe. [About.com: Classical Literature]
  25. Obsession — Charles Baudelaire (trans. C.F. MacIntyre) [Poem of the Week (Sarah E. Smith)] Not being well-versed in obsession, I wouldn’t know.
  26. In Flanders Fields — John McCrae (d.1/28/1918) [Canadian Poetry Online (and elsewhere at Wikisource, at Poets.org, at the University of Virginia Library’s Electronic Text Center, at the Poet’s Corner, and at about.com, among numerous other web pages)] The most well-known rondeau.
  27. When You Are Old — William Butler Yeats (d.1/28/1939) [Poetry Foundation] Yes, but no matter how I age, I can still enjoy looking to that “crowd of stars,” much as I do every day here.
  28. Stars — Marjorie Pickthall [Poetry Foundation] See?
  29. Odysseus to Telemachus — Joseph Brodsky (d.1/28/1996) [Poets.org] After a bit of a Burns binge here several days ago, does it seem inconsistent of me to list only one reading for each of the two Nobel laureates we remember today? Ah, but as yet I have no individual Burns books in my old fashioned personal library. Not so with either Yeats or Brodsky, both of whom get read here offline quite frequently and heavily and studiously, way way more than poor Robbie’s annual toast gives me. As good a moment as ever to point out that what I get around to listing here is quite the iceberg tip of my actual poetry reading flow. For what it’s worth.
  30. Between Branches, 1 — Peter Larkin [Stride Magazine] In the moment.
  31. Two poems: (1) The Philosopher’s House; and (2) Nether Moon — Jared Carter [ECLECTICA]
  32. Let Go — Kate Bernadette Benedict [Fringe Magazine]
  33. In Memoriam Rachel Wetzsteon 1967–2009 — Rachel Hadas [Literary Imagination] “May you who left in the dead of winter / safely cross the cleansing river.”
  34. A Foreign Country — Stephanie Brown [American Poetry Review] I confess, I hadn’t been aware one could lose his virginity watching Cash Cab. Red Light Challenge: Does Ben know all that goes on behind his back?
  35. Saved by American Express again — Andrew Mayne [Magma Poetry] “Nothing will ever take away my love of the language.” Nothing.
  36. King Lear, second-hand… — David Bircumshaw [Great Works] I think I’m still working through the one I read of his yesterday.
  37. Sorrow For a Friend’s Rejection Anger for Accusation — Robert Duncan [Jacket] “I sorrow for the loss of friend / who so long kept vigil of my heart / and was often kind. “
  38. Never Too Late — Charles Harper Webb [Asheville Poetry Review] Not in my world, though.
  39. More re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Three poems (or six): (1) Modern Fairy Tales; (2) The Liffey Bar; and (3) Four Haikus — Nick Hoffman [Electric Acorn]
  40. Noli Me Tangere — Traci Brimhall [The Missouri Review] “We believed / in gristle, tendon and bone.” – as she notes, “using [our] instincts to expose [us]”?
  41. a diary of food — Toby Barlow [Painted Bride Quarterly] “horse meat” yep.
  42. Oyacachi — Ulises Estrella (translated by David Backer) [Words Without Borders]
  43. Epithalamium with Rust — Brandon Kreitler [Thethe Poetry Blog] Whereas I keep forgetting it, the same every time. But I can see without risking heeding.
  44. Five poems: (1) Mexico Is Underwater; (2) And Anathema; (3) The Starbucks Poem; (4) Death (“The wind is blowing / dust and exhaust / straight through me.”); and (5) Mixing Chemicals — Andrea Kato [ZONE]
  45. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: The Snow Storm — Ralph Waldo Emerson [Poets.org] We might have to memorize this one before this winter goes into the books.
  46. The Vehicle Has Exploded — Donna Bahret Moutier [Arlington National Cemetery]
  47. God Knows — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] First played in Zurich twenty years ago today.
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  1. I came upon your site and have been studying it and what you have (are) accomplishing. It is unique, learned, quirky and all yours. But that you have shared it in this blog has been a gift to me. Luckily I now have time on this express train to oblivion to read so much that is new from you. Thank you. Donna Bahret Moutier

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