2011 01 27

AlmanacLewis Carroll b.1832; Endre Ady d.1919

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. Graduation — Al “Doc” Mehl [Rattle] Whatever it takes, eh?
  2. Produce — Debra Allberry [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. Sometimes the Air Surrounding Me Is Sudden with Flowers — Ander Monson [Poetry Daily] And there’s the dude there because they warned him to be if it lasted more than four hours, we can’t forget him.
  4. Valentine with broken birds — Joni Wallace [Verse Daily] “They don’t go back there, / the killdeer”
  5. Record: 13-15 — Brian Spears [No Tell Motel]
  6. The Process — Joseph Massey [Poets.org] A somewhat different process than I’m familiar with, I think.
  7. City Without a Name — Czeslaw Milosz [Poetry Foundation] “If I cannot so exhaust my life and their life that the bygone crying is / transformed, at last, into harmony. “
  8. No Postmortems — Gregory Orr [Poetry Foundation]
  9. The Princess: Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal — Alfred, Lord Tennyson [Poetry Out Loud] “and be lost in me.”
  10. The Vagabond — Henry Lawson [Poem of the Day]
  11. Afternoon on a Hill — Edna St. Vincent Millay [Everyday Poems] “I will mark which must be mine, / And then start down!” Yes, like every afternoon spent reading here!
  12. Bacchanalia — Matthew Arnold [Representative Poetry Online]
  13. Isn’t my name magical? — James Berry [Poetry Archive]
  14. a violent prson — bill bissett [Canadian Poetry Online]
  15. Alcaeus’ Armory — Alcaeus [Black Cat Poems]
  16. Darkness was a foil for the problem — Jennifer Tseng [From the Fishouse]
  17. Sonnet XXVII — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection]
  18. Carol — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “As dew in April / That falleth on the spray.”
  19. The Prophet: Good and Evil — Khalil Gibran. See? I can too roll my eyes.
  20. Tamerlane and Other Poems: [The Happiest Day] — Edgar Allan Poe. [Wikisource]
  21. We Wear the Mask — Paul Laurence Dunbar [Poetry In Voice] Nagging me to get around to listing the rondeaus I’ve read.
  22. A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky — Lewis Carroll (b.1/27/1832) [Poetry In Voice] Row gently, Alice.
  23. Who Come from Far Away — Endre Ady (d.1/27/1919) [Hungarian literature (University of Texas)]
  24. Two poems: (1) Amy Lowell the Lion (yes, what else would we rhyme with “blunt” when finding Amy in the heavens?); and (2) Hilda Doolittle the Scale — Mary Meriam [Think Journal]
  25. Four poems: (1) The Beauty of Change (“You’ll be my magnum opus, / written in a language I don’t yet speak.”); (2) The Quick and the Dead; (3) Still Life; and (4) Storing the Season (“Go for what you can eat.” Then reach for what you can’t, and keep on eating anyway!) — Rachel Hadas [Prime Number Magazine]
  26. Four poems: (1) His face; (2) A hundred parts of You; (3) Who Malingers; and (4) Out of a vacuum & into the world — Laura Sims [Raleigh Quarterly]
  27. Rambo Goes to Idaho (excerpts) — Scott Abels [Word For/Word]
  28. In the Root Now Opened — Jae Choi [The Iowa Review]
  29. Small Discourse — David L. McNaron [The Summerset Review] On time, so to speak.
  30. Found (Skiathos) — Shazea Quraishi [Magma Poetry]
  31. Seriatim — David Bircumshaw [Great Works] Oh.
  32. Two poems: (1) Clear; and (2) Close — Rae Armantrout [Jacket]
  33. Of Flesh and Heaven — Daniel Westover [Asheville Poetry Review]
  34. More re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Five poems: (1) Graffiti I; (2) Graffiti II; (3) Graffiti III; (4) Dawn; and (5) Choum Ui Neoil — Robin Fearon [Electric Acorn]
  35. The Human Factor — David Lehman [The Best American Poetry]
  36. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: The Black Virginity — Mina Loy [Poets.org]
  37. Chuckling, since I pulled the Loy back up to the top of the stack from a month ago before I had surfed over to this: The Black Virginity — Mina Loy [E-Verse Radio] And yes, so I read it twice today, and out loud twice too. Well worth the time. Maybe it will come back around to me again next month.
  38. Hurricane — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] Yeah, except I knew someone . . .
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