2011 01 25

AlmanacRobert Burns b.1759; Hakushū Kitahara b.1885; John Cooper Clarke b.1949; Tom Paulin b.1949; Yvor Winters d.1968; Scott Woods b.1971

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. A Sonnet Upon Sonnets — Robert Burns (b.1/25/1759) [The Robert Burns World Federation]
  2. Then taking the suggestion of The Poetry Society, Tam O’Shanter — Robert Burns [The Poetry Society]
  3. And Afton Water — Robert Burns [Poets.org]
  4. And then, To a Mouse — Robert Burns [Poetry Out Loud]
  5. And of course, A Red, Red Rose — Robert Burns [Poetry Foundation]
  6. Then admitting to a bit of Traffic in the background in my head while reading this, John Barleycorn: A Ballad — Robert Burns [Poet’s Corner]
  7. And timely read for our weather-weary late January, A Winter Night — Robert Burns [Representative Poetry Online]
  8. But so as not to let it depress us, let’s get Up in the Morning Early — Robert Burns [The Writer’s Almanac]
  9. And a personal fave, Of A’ the Airts the Wind Can Blaw — Robert Burns [Black Cat Poems]
  10. One more Burns sonnet today, his Sonnet Written On The Author’s Birthday — Robert Burns [Robert Burns Country]
  11. And hell, why not? Auld Lang Syne — Robert Burns [Wikisource] (And yes, when I did it out loud, I read it instead of singing it.) Happy birthday, Robbie.
  12. Teacher’s Prayer — R.A. Villanueva [Rattle] Reaching back to recent Rattle archives, re-reading this today in honor of our oldest daughter, who has started her final teacher training, so now leaves at the same time as mom every morning, headed for a classroom of eager young students!
  13. Tuesday 9:00AM — Denver Butson [The Writer’s Almanac] Someone who rides the same bus I’ve commuted on!
  14. Jubilate — Galway Kinnell [Poetry Daily] And I’ll read some of Chris Smart’s poem too, then.
  15. Jubilate Agno (excerpt) — Christopher Smart [Representative Poetry Online]
  16. Late December — Daniele Pantano [Verse Daily] Feels like the first stanza of a sestina, frozen in the ice on the windshield, impervious to scraper and defroster alike.
  17. Record: 12-13 — Brian Spears [No Tell Motel]
  18. Dear Migraine, — Gail Mazur [Poets.org] I’ve known the feeling, gone now like a love forgetting, just wasn’t there sometime before realized to have faded off.
  19. Onions — William Matthews [Poetry Foundation] As all too frequently happens, the Poetry Foundation has again forgotten what the meaning of “day” is when it comes to delivery of daily poetry reading. “Defective,” one of their bloggers would mischaracterize it. Anyway, so I’ll just pull this one from my to-be-read stack. How easily happiness settles in from reading a good poem about onions!
  20. But then before I’ve closed out today’s post, the Foundation’s day finally moves on from yesterday, adding this to my reading for today: The Washingtonian — May Miller [Poetry Foundation] I’m guessing that was to remind us that along with celebrating Robbie’s birthday today, we will be sitting through a somewhat less poetic State of the Union address.
  21. Whereas I’ll choose this one to read too, to put myself in the mood for tuning out the the State of the Union address: The Campaign — Joseph Addison [Classic Authors]
  22. Pronouns — Cole Swensen [Poetry Foundation]
  23. And as if to make up for taking several days off, the Foundation slipped this additional audio in its line-up: Impossible Dream — Tony Hoagland [Poetry Foundation]
  24. Saint Francis and the Sow — Galway Kinnell [Poetry Out Loud]
  25. The Heat of Autumn — Jane Hirshfield [Poem of the Day] Or sit next to the guy on fire in the bus . . .
  26. Spoils of the Dead — Robert Frost [Everyday Poems]
  27. Western Wind, When will thou Blow? — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  28. Timothy Winters — Charles Causley [Poetry Archive]
  29. concerning mr ambrose — Julie Berry [Canadian Poetry Online] Reminds me of some I’ve known, nothing left but that hook.
  30. Bacchanal Eurynome — Agathias [Black Cat Poems]
  31. When dreams shower one part of the body, when reality claims the other — Purvi Shah [From the Fishouse]
  32. Sonnet XXV — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “Then happy I that love and am beloved / Where I may not remove nor be removed.”
  33. Lament for the Makers — William Dunbar [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  34. The Prophet: Talking — Khalil Gibran. “And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered.” And speaking thus, half of him fell dead where he’d stood.
  35. Tamerlane and Other Poems: [In youth have I known one with whom the Earth] — Edgar Allan Poe. [Wikisource]
  36. If only to remember that Burns only leases part of the day, To a Young Writer — Yvor Winters (d.1/25/1968) [Poetry Foundation]
  37. The Anniversary — Robert Pinsky [poemeleon]
  38. Bright Boat (excerpt) — Kate Adams [ZYZZYVA]
  39. After All — Ralph Black [The Manchester Review]
  40. Calgary — Deborah Tyler-Bennett [Magma Poetry]
  41. final draft — Julie Sampson [Great Works] “we’ll get to the end / of the book and poems / in this empty space”
  42. The Poets March on Washington — James Cummins [Jacket] Didn’t work for that peace thing either, though.
  43. Morning Of The Duel — Dede Wilson [Asheville Poetry Review]
  44. More re-archiving from the Internet Archive, I thoroughly enjoyed all of these: Five poems: (1) The Delirium of Power; (2) The Winterman; (3) The Inner Drama; (4) Mid Afternoon in Bewleys; and (5) The Road — Christopher Daybell [Electric Acorn]
  45. Hope Chest — Daniel Tobin [Valparaiso Poetry Review]
  46. Tichborne’s Elegy — Chidiock Tichborne [Slate]
  47. When I Was Fair and Young — Queen Elizabeth [Slate]
  48. January — William Carlos Williams [The Best American Poetry]
  49. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here, one that now has only 11 more months to live on the Internet at this location: Lumina — Darrell Bourque [Poetry Daily]
  50. Tomorrow Is A Long Time — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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