2011 01 23

AlmanacCharles Harpur b.1813; Katharine Tynan b.1861; Oton Župančič b.1878; Richard Watson Dixon d.1900; Louis Zukofsky b.1904; Alan Ansen b.1922; Derek Walcott b.1930; Fred Wah b.1939; Muin Bseiso d.1984; Norman MacCaig d.1996

Reading, each both silently and aloud —

  1. Planning — Gemma Mathewson [Rattle] I hadn’t either. But then, I’m a reader, waiting out in the waiting room. Our part comes later on.
  2. No Swan So Fine — Marianne Moore [E-Verse Radio] “and toothed gold / collar on to show whose bird it was.”
  3. Three Perfect Days — Linda Pastan [The Writer’s Almanac] “I would settle now for just one perfect day / anywhere at all” – or even a perfect hour, or minute, or . . . you.
  4. Root Ball, Root Cellar — John M. Anderson [Poetry Daily] “Up three stairs in the November wind / the spring trees have dropped their shawls and mingle silver / fingers in an arch dance. “
  5. First Domestic — Anne Marie Rooney [Verse Daily] “If I could be paid in water earned back / I would crater the kitchen and stop the smokestack.” If only.
  6. Sitalkas — H. D. [Poets.org] Unlike any other!
  7. Sheet Music — Brigit Pegeen Kelly [Poetry Out Loud] “The dogs move fast. How will I follow?”
  8. Sitting Bull in Canada — Joseph Millar [Poem of the Day] “too tired to look out at the stars, / lying on his left side, / facing away from the fire.”
  9. There is a Tavern in the Town — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  10. Miller’s End — Charles Causley [Poetry Archive]
  11. Geology of the Body — John Barton [Canadian Poetry Online]
  12. Winter Days — Henry Abbey [Black Cat Poems]
  13. Trouble Man — John Murillo [From the Fishouse] “A man‟s / Life is never measured / In beats, but beat-downs, / Not line breaks, just breaks.”
  14. Sonnet XXIII — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “some fierce thing replete with too much rage”
  15. In Honour of the City of London — William Dunbar [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  16. The Prophet: Teaching — Khalil Gibran. “For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man.” As was there being demonstrated, but on the whole not accurate enough to have any universal truth.
  17. Tamerlane and Other Poems: Evening Star — Edgar Allan Poe. [Wikisource] “And more I admire / Thy distant fire, / Than that colder, lowly light.”
  18. Aunt Julia — Norman MacCaig (d.1/23/1996) [The Writer’s Almanac] “and getting angry, getting angry / with so many questions / unanswered.”
  19. [Untitled] — Fred Wah (b.1/23/1939) [Canadian Poetry Online] “what I want to know can feed me, what I don’t can bleed me.”
  20. Sonnet — Charles Harpur (b.1/23/1813) [Sonnet Central]
  21. Joining the Colours — Katharine Tynan (b.1/23/1861) [Wikisource]
  22. Hell for Poets — Liz Lochhead [Best Scottish Poems]
  23. Song: The feathers of the Willow — Richard Watson Dixon (d.1/23/1900) [Poet’s Corner]
  24. Dedication — Ben Lerner [Poetry Society of America]
  25. Becune Point — Derek Walcott (b.1/23/1930) [Poetry Magazine (via the Internet Archive)]
  26. Parallax — Rob Griffith [The Formalist] “You too — your eyes, your neck, / More lovely with distance and lonely skies.” In closing.
  27. Fuel — Rae Armantrout [New American Writing] “That you adorn the fallen.”
  28. The Decline of Western Civilization — Brennen Wysong [TYPO]
  29. Farewell — Dan Brown [The New Criterion]
  30. Two poems: (1) The Monarchs’ Bones; (2) June Viv — Joe Copplestone [3:AM Magazine]
  31. Recitative and Aria — Peter Porter [Ambit] “The disadvantages of judging!”
  32. the soprano who loved silence / a poet who longed for song — Julie Sampson [Great Works] Downloaded and printed out and enjoyed.
  33. Two poems (1) Nurse’s Song; and (2) 10 Pins, 10 Frames — Bruce Covey [Jacket]
  34. In Death — Kevin Conder [Opium Magazine]
  35. The Fiction of History — John Wood [Asheville Poetry Review] “Memory’s function is not to recall / but to reshape—to forget, to blur, erase, change”
  36. More re-archiving from the Internet Archive: Four poems: (1) For Ken Saro Wiwa; (2) The Meeting Place – “I see myself clearly / Etched sharply, / With no shadows cast / Where I might hide.”; (3) Flying Fish; and (4) Duplicity – “there lurking / A dark, insensate, manic rage.” — Philip Brown [Electric Acorn]
  37. BONUS — Blake Morrison [Guardian]
  38. Poet to Ballerina — Robert Lowell [The Best American Poetry] He disclaims, but in so doing . . .
  39. And among those re-read today from the stack I read and listed a month ago here: Eating Poetry — Mark Strand [Poetry Out Loud]
  40. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “And if my thought-dreams could be seen / They’d probably put my head in a guillotine”
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