With further members of the set to be added as encountered, perhaps eventutally some additional notes, here’s what I’ve got so far for my collection of January poems —

  1. Adcock, Betty — January [Poets.org]
  2. Budbill, David — The Sixth of January [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. Byron, Lord (George Gordon) — January 22nd, Missolonghi [Poetry Foundation]
  4. Cary, Alice — January [Poet’s Corner]
  5. Connolly, Geraldine — Chinook [Verse Daily]
  6. Eady, Cornelius — The Inaugural Poem, January, 1961 [Valparaiso Poetry Review]
  7. Jackson, Helen Hunt — January [Poet’s Corner]
  8. Kasischke, Laura — January [Verse Daily]
  9. LaFemina, Gerry — January 1, 2008 [No Tell Motel]
  10. Lehman, David — January 31 [The Writer’s Almanac]
  11. Levertov, Denise — In California: Morning, Evening, Late January [Poetry Foundation]
  12. Lifshin, Lyn — Metro, January 8 [Rattle]
  13. McClellan, George Marion — A January Dandelion [Poetry Foundation]
  14. O’Callaghan, Conor — January Drought [Poetry Foundation]
  15. Palmer, Michael — As if by saying “morning” on January 8th [Poetry Foundation]
  16. Payne, John — January [Poet’s Corner]
  17. Revell, Donald — Warm Days in January [Poetry Foundation]
  18. Robinson, Mary — [Poetry Foundation]
  19. Rogoff, Jay — January [Poetry Daily]
  20. Schomburg, ZacharyJanuary Monster [Linebreak]
  21. Spenser, Edmund — The Shepheardes Calender: January [Poetry Foundation]
  22. Vogt, Benjamin — Section 117, Plot 21 [Verse Daily]
  23. Webb, Cornelius — January [Poet’s Corner]
  24. White, J.P. — Flying Over America [Verse Daily]
  25. Williams, William Carlos — January [The Best American Poetry]
  26. Williams, William Carlos — January Morning [Poet’s Corner]
  27. Willis, Nathaniel Parker — January 1, 1828 [Poet’s Corner]
  28. Wormser, Baron — January [The Writer’s Almanac]

And those “fat snowy footsteps” of Updike’s January, for which I’ve not yet found an online version I’m comfortable linking to.

Other Month Sets at Verse Per Se

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