2011 01 20

AlmanacNathaniel Parker Willis b.1806; Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger d.1850; Nathaniel Parker Willis d.1867; Edward Hirsch b.1950; Roo Borson b.1952; Robinson Jeffers d.1962; Edmund Blunden d.1974; Abraham Sutzkever d.2010

Reading both silently and aloud (or, like when PF doesn’t give the words on screen, just listening) —

  1. [By any measure] — Ben Lerner [E-Verse Radio]
  2. French Toast — Anya Krugovoy Silver [The Writer’s Almanac] “Still, week-old bread makes the best / French toast, soaks up milk as greedily as I turn / toward you”
  3. Hagar before the Occupation, Hagar after the Occupation (excerpts) — Amal al-Jubouri [Poetry Daily]
  4. Gacela of Twilight Bats — J.P. Dancing Bear [Verse Daily]
  5. Sport — Alan King [No Tell Motel]
  6. September Elegies — Randall Mann [Poets.org] I can forgive this one its mischief to my seasonal dyslexia, for its contribution to my pantoum collection.
  7. Return for an Instant — Juan Ramón Jiménez [Poetry Foundation]
  8. Notes on a Blizzard — Maxine W. Kumin [Poetry Foundation]
  9. Impossible Dream — Tony Hoagland [Poetry Foundation]
  10. Blind Curse — Simon J. Ortiz [Poetry Out Loud]
  11. The Blue Bowl — Jane Kenyon [Poem of the Day]
  12. A Sonnet upon the Pitiful Burning of the Globe Playhouse in London — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] But not a sonnet after the fashion we speak of now (although for reference purposes I’ll give it a place on my sonnet collection page).
  13. Billie Holiday — Alison Croggon [Poetry Archive]
  14. Sonnet XX — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection]
  15. Spring Song of the Birds — King James (of Scotland) [The Oxford Book of English Verse] One can always look ahead – “Away, Winter, away!”
  16. The Prophet: Reason and Passion — Khalil Gibran.
  17. Tamerlane and Other Poems: To —— —— — Edgar Allan Poe. [Wikisource]
  18. Love in a Cottage — Nathaniel Parker Willis (b.1/20/1806 and d.1/20/1867) [Poet’s Corner]
  19. Camouflage — Roo Borson (b.1/20/1952) [Canadian Poetry Online]
  20. Gray Weather — Robinson Jeffers (d.1/20/1962) [Poetry Foundation]
  21. Two poems: (1) God’s Time; and (2) A Prospect Of Swans — Edmund Blunden (d.1/20/1974) [Edmund Blunden]
  22. Here I Am — Abraham Sutzkever (d.1/20/2010) [UC Press E-Books Collection, 1982-2004]
  23. Temper — Beth Bachmann [From the Fishouse]
  24. Harvest — Melissa Barrett [BOXCAR Poetry Review]
  25. Gratitude — Phoebe Wang [GEIST Magazine]
  26. And then, Wild Gratitude — Edward Hirsch (b.1/20/1950) [Poets.org]
  27. Moment — Daphne Athas [Oyster Boy Review] “It follows you / And loses you. “
  28. Jack — Mark Allinson [The Pennsylvania Review]
  29. From the Stylus of Hamlet’s Amanuensis: A Poem in Three Registers — Eileen Joy [swink]
  30. History — Robert Penn Warren [Virginia Quarterly Review] “The inhabitant shall flee as the fox; / His foot shall be among the rocks.”
  31. What had Happened — Robert Sward [Ambit]
  32. Red-Figured Cup, Attributed To The Brygos Painter — Maximilian Hildebrand [Great Works]
  33. Ten Past Nine — Keston Sutherland [Jacket] “I am ready / today, I can reduce the significance of love.”
  34. Autism — Edward Byrne [via Valparaiso Poetry Review]
  35. He’s like those children who take apart a clock in order to find out what time is — Evan Hansen [Thethe Poetry Blog]
  36. Mississippi — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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