2011 01 19

AlmanacHenry Howard, Earl of Surrey d.1547; William Congreve d.1729; Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom b.1790; Edgar Allan Poe b.1809; August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben d.1874; Dragotin Kette b.1876; Rex Ingamells b.1913; John Engels b.1931; George MacBeth b.1932; James Dickey d.1997


  1. Ears — Miller Oberman [Rattle] Here not hating to admit how the sounds of this and of its reading mixed well with my own, and you.
  2. The Plymouth on Ice — Thomas Moore [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. Three poems: (1) Survivor – “Virtue and vice weigh the same”; (2) Chestnut Tree; and (3) Pigtail — Tadeusz Różewicz [Poetry Daily]
  4. Valentine with saints and sharps — Joni Wallace [Verse Daily]
  5. The Exchange — Alan King [No Tell Motel]
  6. Vision — Erica Funkhouser [Poets.org]
  7. Ode to Evening — William Collins [Poetry Foundation]
  8. On Pickiness — Rodney Jones [Poetry Out Loud]
  9. Soldiers who wish to be a hero — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] Yes, but where have all the soldiers gone . . .
  10. Songs of a Quiet Woman — Alison Croggon [Poetry Archive]
  11. Sonnet XIX — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] “My love shall in my verse ever live young.” Indeed, even now so.
  12. Vox ultima Crucis — John Lydgate [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  13. The Prophet: Freedom — Khalil Gibran.
  14. Tamerlane and Other Poems: Tamerlane — Edgar Allan Poe (b.1/19/1809). [Wikisource]
  15. And The Sleeper — Edgar Allan Poe [Everyday Poems]
  16. Bedtime Story — George MacBeth (b.1/19/1932) [Armstrong Atlantic State University]
  17. Falling — James Dickey (d.1/19/1997) [Poetry Foundation] Yes, everything I read here, I do also read aloud.
  18. Boomerang — Rex Ingamells (b.1/19/1913) [Oldpoetry]
  19. Brittle Beauty — Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (d.1/19/1547) [Poets’ Corner]
  20. False though She Be to Me and Love — William Congreve (d.1/19/1729) [Black Cat Poems]
  21. Damp Rot — John Engels (b.1/19/1931) [Poetry Foundation] “But it is clear / that if I do not freely leave this place, / it will leave me”
  22. A Steam Engine before Dawn — Tian Yuan (translated by William I. Elliott and Kazuo Kawamura) [Poetry International Web]
  23. The View — Abraham Burickson [Painted Bride Quarterly] “Now she’s a ripple and a resting pebble, clear / at the bottom.”
  24. Traveling Instructions — Tina Schumann [Cimarron Review] “Because I did not know / what I did not know—I traveled / between desire and compulsion”
  25. Cliffhanger — Mark Jarman [Unsplendid]
  26. Beauty — Helen Mort [Magma Poetry] “I knew I had to stop and ask what she was called.”
  27. Interlocutor — Robert Sward [Ambit]
  28. Up on Yannadon; June 1906 — Julie Sampson [Great Works]
  29. Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus — Ernie Hilbert [Jacket]
  30. Little Maggie — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “Oh, where is little Maggie / Over yonder she stands”
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One Response to 2011 01 19

  1. verseperse says:

    The link given above for MacBeth’s poem now appears broken. Here’s an alternative rendering of Bedtime Story.

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