2011 01 18

AlmanacIppolit Bogdanovich b.1803; Henry Austin Dobson b.1840; Rubén Darío b.1867; Edward Bulwer-Lytton d.1873; Edmund Clarence Stedman d.1908; Jon Stallworthy b.1935; Rudyard Kipling d.1936; Jan Twardowski d.2006; Grigore Vieru d.2009


  1. When My Sister Cut French Class — Terry Martin [Rattle] “à toute vitesse” – story of my life, seems . . .
  2. First Party At Ken Kesey’s With Hell’s Angels — Allen Ginsberg [E-Verse Radio]
  3. Daily I Fall In Love With Waitresses — Elliot Fried [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. Still Life — Tony Hoagland [Poetry Daily] “as I climb to see just what the world / has brought me to.”
  5. Leaf at the End — Lily Brown [Verse Daily] Enjoying the pace today.
  6. The Recipe — Alan King [No Tell Motel] “unable to place the missing ingredient” – unable? Some do it anyway, ability be damned, then judge that the truth no matter what.
  7. You Know — Mary Jo Bang [Poets.org] And should have known, too.
  8. Wilderness — Carl Sandburg [Poetry Foundation]
  9. January Drought — Conor O’Callaghan [Poetry Foundation]
  10. On Inhabiting an Orange — Josephine Miles [Poetry Out Loud] “All our roads go nowhere.” At least we’re getting there à toute vitesse.
  11. A Patch of Old Snow — Robert Frost [Poem of the Day] Or a poem that got lost in the shuffle.
  12. And catching up, Grace — Maxine Kumin [Poem of the Day] “God, give me appetite / for stone enough.” And then seconds, please.
  13. On Imagination — Phillis Wheatley [Everyday Poems] “Imagination! who can sing thy force?” Ah, yet spend but a spell reading along where I read, and it’s not difficult to sing along with.
  14. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  15. The Elwood Organic Fruit and Vegetable Shop — Alison Croggon [Poetry Archive]
  16. Sonnet XVIII — William Shakespeare [EServer Poetry Collection] The incomparable 18th. Never read too many times nor too often.
  17. Lament for Chaucer — Thomas Hoccleve [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  18. The Prophet: Laws — Khalil Gibran. “But you who walk facing the sun, what images drawn on the earth can hold you?” Yeah right. The laws are always made to control others, not to require responsibility from those forever arrogant enough to believe they “walk facing the sun.”
  19. Us Two — A.A. Milne [Old Poetry] You and me, whatever, wherever.
  20. Outnumbered at 0 — Mary Jo Bang [A Public Space]
  21. Storm — Alan King [Umbrella]
  22. South — Phil Simmons [FIRE]
  23. Kylix Poems: Illiupersis Cup — Maximilian Hildebrand [Great Works]
  24. Lights Out — Philip Nikolayev [Jacket] “Our words are how we fill time” – And our time is what we use to fill words?
  25. Rituals Before the Poem — Kwame Dawes [Valparaiso Poetry Review] Pretty much the same rites for the reader.
  26. The Thrift Shop Dresses — Frannie Lindsay [American Life in Poetry]
  27. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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