2011 01 16

AlmanacDorothe Engelbretsdotter b.1634; Barthold Heinrich Brockes d.1747; Robert W. Service b.1874; Octave Crémazie d.1879; Carlos Pellicer b.1897; Laura Riding b.1901; Georg Heym d.1912; Nel Benschop b.1918; Anthony Hecht b.1923; Inger Christensen b.1935; Mary Karr b.1955; Robert Fitzgerald d.1985; Eric Mottram d.1995; Stephen Morse d.2010

Reading — A good solid day with a lot of good poetry to be read —

  1. Rules for Poetry — Rick Lupert [Rattle] Which helps explain why I only read it, not write it. The darkness in my soul part, that is. I have the eating part down fine.
  2. Wedlock Sunday — Gerald Locklin [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. Three poems: (1) Beso the Donkey; (2) Beso Attends; and (3) Where Beso — Richard Jarrette [Poetry Daily] “A killdeer says that my mind is puny, / miserly, forgetful . . .” Ah well, such is nature.
  4. Three Modern Iranian Poets translated by Sholeh Wolpé: (1) I See the Sea… by Shams Langroodi; (2) My Hands Tremble Yet Again — A Soliloquy by Sheida Mohammadi; and (3) Blood’s Voice by Mohsen Emadi. — [qarrtsiluni]
  5. Color – Caste – Denomination – (970) — Emily Dickinson [Poets.org] “Our minuter intuitions – / Deem unplausible”
  6. God’s Secretary — R. S. Gwynn [Poetry Foundation] A Petrarchan, from the December 2008 issue of Poetry, which I rescued yesterday from the shelves of my fave secondhand bookstore.
  7. Susie Asado — Gertrude Stein [Poetry Out Loud] “A nail is unison.”
  8. Celestial Music — Louise Glück [Poem of the Day] “It’s this stillness we both love.”
  9. The West Wind — William Cullen Bryant [Everyday Poems] “When not a shade of pain or ill / Dims the bright smile of Nature’s face, / Thou lovest to sigh and murmur still.”
  10. Roll Me Over — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] Pretty much the version I learned from my father.
  11. A Time of Day — Allen Curnow [Poetry Archive]
  12. Sonnet XVI — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “And you must live drawn by your own sweet skill.”
  13. The Love Unfeigned — Geoffrey Chaucer [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  14. The Prophet: Buying and Selling — Khalil Gibran.
  15. The Cremation of Sam McGee — Robert W. Service (b.1/16/1874) [Wikisource]
  16. In Due Form — Laura Riding (b.1/16/1901)
  17. Illiterate Progenitor — Mary Karr (b.1/16/1955) [The New Yorker]
  18. Night Images — Robert Fitzgerald (d.1/16/1985) [Poetry Foundation]
  19. Two poems: (1) Chicken Sandwich Freud and Speech Teachers; and (2) I’m Nobody, Just Like You — Stephen Morse (d.1/16/2010) [The Toronto Quarterly]
  20. The Dover Bitch — Anthony Hecht (b.1/16/1923) [Poets.org]
  21. The Stammer — Robert Bradshaw [The Orange Room Review]
  22. In Khorkum — John Ash [PN Review]
  23. Two poems: (1) Like Unto a Merchant Man Seeking Goodly Pearls; and (2) Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia — Bruce Beasley [Free Verse]
  24. The Curious Life and Mysterious Death of Peter J. Perry — Rebecca Wolff
    [The Literary Review]
  25. Shift — Christopher Gutkind [Shearsman]
  26. In Paradise — Vladimir Nabokov [Thumbscrew]
  27. A New Walking Age — Paul Holman [Great Works]
  28. Eros — Denise Levertov [Jacket]
  29. An Agreement Requires An Offer and Acceptance — Emily Pettit [Thethe Poetry Blog]
  30. Nobody ‘Cept You — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “There’s nothing ’round here I believe in / ’Cept you, yeah you”
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