2011 01 15

AlmanacMarjorie Fleming b.1803; Mihai Eminescu b.1850; Osip Mandelstam b.1891; Xu Zhimo b.1897; Ivor Cutler b.1923; Gillian Allnutt b.1949; Leah Goldberg d.1970; Maurice Chappaz d.2009


  1. Towels — Samuel Hazo [The Writer’s Almanac] I wouldn’t know.
  2. Roofers — David Rigsbee [Poetry Daily]
  3. This Far Away — Howard Wright [Verse Daily] “But such interruptions are rare // because we think this far away nothing will happen”
  4. George Moses Horton, Myself — George Moses Horton [Poets.org]
  5. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love — Christopher Marlowe [Poetry Out Loud]
  6. The Music — Emmeline Stuart-Wortley [Poem of the Day] Petrarchan sonnet.
  7. The Old Man’s Wish — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] “With Horace and Petrarch, and two or three more / Of the best wits that reign’d in the ages before . . . ” – simple wishing.
  8. A Sight for Sore Eyes — Allen Curnow [Poetry Archive]
  9. # 800: ivor cutler — Chris McCabe [Poetry Archive]
  10. Sonnet XV — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets]
  11. The Complaint of Troilus — Geoffrey Chaucer [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  12. The Prophet: Clothes — Khalil Gibran.
  13. Sonnet to a Monkey — Marjorie Fleming (b.1/15/1803) [A Book of Verses for Children]
  14. Anonymous Poet — Stanley Moss [The New Yorker (3/31/2008)] “…death is real.”
  15. Sleepwalker in the Medicine Wheel — Gregory Donovan [42opus] “We will never survive / That dark again, where you walked in your sleep / And I followed, saying nothing, where you spoke / In your sleep, and I answered.”
  16. Conspiracy Theory — Jon Loomis [FIELD]
  17. Congratulations — C.J. Opperthauser [Word Riot]
  18. On the Rejection of the Term “Property” for This Place — John Kinsella [Jacket]
  19. Coleridge in Toronto — Ian Burgham [Toronto Quarterly]
  20. Arthur McBride — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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