Pet Peeve #1 – URL Overhaul

This I’ll tag Pet Peeve #1 simply because it will be the first one I’ll rant about since re-starting my poetry reading blogging . . . an exercise for which I myself have modified most of my own URL anchors, without bothering to give out any forwarding addresses. Without bothering to give myself any forwarding addresses. There’s the point: in the case of my poetry reading blogging, I can change any and all of my references at will at any time, without fear of affecting any links anybody else might be depending upon, only my own.

Is that the same solitude that a site such as Bob Dylan‘s website expects, wants, designs itself to have? To put the content out there for fans and others to find and read, but never to want anyone to link directly to any page beyond the front portal?

So, just within the past day or so, the Dylan site modified every single URL for each of its songs (and probably the albums and just about everything else), so that Dylan links that worked last week no longer work this week. And this is not the first time the Dylan site has been so rude to its company, so don’t expect this current overhaul to be the last. I’m not going to disrupt the few trackbacks that have already picked up my traffic this past month by revising any of the Dylan links I’ve made in my own blog posts themselves, although I will go ahead and correct the links in the general listing I’ve been building. But only because I’m still in the beginning stages of re-starting that list, and only because the links the Dylan boobs messed up are all collected in one place in that list. For any of the other sites out there that have linked to anything inside the Dylan website, Dylan’s website boobs have just given them all the finger . . . again. And as much as warned against bothering to send traffic their way any longer, since we’ve no assurance it won’t happen again.

Dylan’s website’s methods are hardly advanced even as far as Internet stone age thinking. For one thing, there is quite simply no sound reason behind this massive overhaul of their URLs – they are keeping the exact same directory structure, same basis for delivery of their content, et cetera. But even worse an Internet sin, they are making their changes without inserting redirects into their site, so that any link that has relied on the old URL format would know where to find the new URL. Stupid, as bad as if Dylan were to employ a high school band director with absolutely no experience and even less regard for the audience to produce his next CD.

Unfortunately, Dylan’s website is far from being the only one to commit this sin; but they’ve now done it frequently enough to be its poster child. And to warrant this warning label on any of the Dylan links given herein (or anywhere else on the Web): “Don’t send us any of your friends!”

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