2011 01 11

AlmanacBayard Taylor b.1825; João de Deus d.1896; Nikos Kavvadias b.1910; Thomas Hardy d.1928; Padraic Colum d.1972; Milan Rúfus d.2009


  1. We Are the Weather Tourists — Tom Myers [Rattle] – “…wanting, but not bad enough.”
  2. All That I Owe The Fellows Of The Grave — Dylan Thomas [E-Verse Radio]
  3. Zero Holding — Robyn Sarah [The Writer’s Almanac]
  4. Three poems: (1) The honeycomb is made from flowers; (2) Odor plume, mellifluous humming, thick syrup; and (3) Beauty and dust, beauty and dust— — Carol Frost [Poetry Daily]
  5. Ocean Beach at TwiIight: 14 — Dean Rader [Verse Daily]
  6. Three poems: (1) spatialism is a haiku’s negative space; (2) a kuhi and their double slit; and (1) as with recitation and the loss of a kuhi — Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé [qarrtsiluni]
  7. East River — Tamiko Beyer [No Tell Motel] Ever so mildly disappointed – reaching out from yesterday‘s, I was set for escaping for a week's vacation off to the north of the city.
  8. Robert Harms Paints the Surface of Little Fresh Pond — Mark Doty [Poets.org]
  9. There Is A Garden In Her Face — Thomas Campion [Poetry Foundation]
  10. No Comfort to Be Had — Sidney Wade [Poetry Foundation]
  11. Without Regret — Eleanor Wilner [Poetry Out Loud]
  12. The Deaths of the Other Children — Margaret Atwood [Poem of the Day]
  13. If I Ever Marry, I’ll Marry A Maid — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  14. Vigil — Peter Dale [Poetry Archive]
  15. Sonnet XI — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “She carv’d thee for her seal, and meant thereby, / Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die.”
  16. Of a rose, a lovely rose, Of a rose is al myn song. — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  17. The Prophet: Eating and Drinking — Khalil Gibran. “Would that you could live on the fragerance of the earth, and like an air plant be sustained by the light.”
  18. The To-be-forgotten — Thomas Hardy (d.1/11/1928) [Poetry Foundation]
  19. A Cradle Song — Padraic Colum (d.1/11/1972) [Wikisource]
  20. For My Wife Cutting My Hair — Bruce Guernsey [American Life in Poetry]
  21. Lines Written Just Before Driving into the Ditch — Janice D. Soderling [Tilt-a-Whirl] A good example of a delightful little form, the ovillejo.
  22. Dreams — A. C. Leming [Wordgathering]
  23. Remembering the Brownstone — Jo McDougall [Coal Hill Review]
  24. New Confidence — Desi Di Nardo [Toronto Quarterly]
  25. Queen Jane Approximately — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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2 Responses to 2011 01 11

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet XI.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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