2011 01 08

AlmanacIvan Gundulić b.1589; Francisco González Bocanegra b.1824; Nikolay Nekrasov d.1878; John Neihardt b.1881; Paul Verlaine d.1896; Norman Nicholson b.1914; Charles Tomlinson b.1927; Gaston Miron b.1928; Kenneth Patchen d.1972; Slavka Maneva d.2010


  1. A Hazardous Brush With an Abnormally Extended Feeling of Well-Being — Greg Kosmicki [Rattle] And I can be happy to be her lunch.
  2. Blow, Blow, thou Winter Wind — William Shakespeare [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. August Peonies — George Amabile [Poetry Daily] “…fresh / blooms without stems / that sail where we cannot / go, all the way to the edge…” Or at least, have to wait another 7 months before we still cannot go.
  4. Feeding the Birds — Susan Rothbard [Verse Daily] My children, nor my friends.
  5. Winter Trees — William Carlos Williams [Poets.org] – “against a sure winter” it is.
  6. A Fit of Rhyme against Rhyme — Ben Jonson [Poetry Out Loud] Or / for.
  7. God Save The King — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] Reminiscing back a few years ago, when at least we had leadership, such as it was.
  8. The Excuse — Michael Donaghy [Poetry Archive] “I fear for him and grieve him more than any…”
  9. Sonnet VIII — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “‘Thou single wilt prove none.'”
  10. This World’s Joy — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  11. The Prophet: Marriage — Khalil Gibran. “Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.”—little bit of crossover with today’s Shakespeare reading.
  12. Begun Begun is Anything More Violent Spontaneous Faithful? — Cal Bedient [32 Poems]
  13. Confessional Poem — Michael Robbins [Poetry Foundation]
  14. Mirru — Kenneth Patchen (d.1/8/1972) [The Writer’s Almanac]
  15. The Young Fools (Les Ingénus) — by Paul Verlaine (d.1/8/1896) (translated by Louis Simpson) [Poets.org]
  16. Skinned Mammals — Virginia Bell [Pebble Lake Review]
  17. The Conversation — Jane Hirshfield [The Atlantic]
  18. The Bus to Belfast [pdf] — Andrew Jamison [The Dark Horse] “That house over the graveyard will still be up for sale.”
  19. Wall — Norman Nicholson (b.1/8/1914) [Poetry Archive] “A wall walks slowly, / At each give of the ground…”
  20. All I Really Want To Do — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan]
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2 Responses to 2011 01 08

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet VIII.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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