Herein exploring the aubade (or alba or Tagelied). My principal interest is in the lovers’ aubade, farewells said at dawn (even if only until the next night). A more general aubade views some other transition in the light of the new day; typically, instead of seeing sunrise as bringing a beginning, the aubade will mourn the break of day as an unwanted ending, getting pushed out of soft dreams into hard reality. Even more generically, “a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak” or any poem dedicated to the dawn might be tagged as an aubade (as are some in the collection I’ve gathered here). I’ll aim to do some sorting as I continue (with no apologies to my personal inclinations in my manner of organization) —

Also, not finding an online copies of these, which I have in my home library of poetry books and journals —

  • Davis, Olena Kalytiak — Alaska Aubade (Summer). From pg.133 of issue 137 of TriQuarterly.
  • Rilke, Ranier Maria — Eastern Aubade. From pg.24 of Possibility of Being, containing a selection of Rilke poems translated by J.B. Leishman.
  • Plath, Sylvia — April Aubade. From pg.312 of my copy of her Collected Poems.

And I anticipate acquisition of the following —

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