2011 01 07

Almanac — Allan Ramsay d.1758. Charles Péguy b.1873. Juste Olivier d.1876. Faiz Ahmed Faiz b.1911. Robert Duncan b.1919; Napoleon Lapathiotis d.1944; John Berryman d.1972.


  1. How You Know — Joe Mills [Rattle] So, it’s when she still tells you to come ask me. When she stops saying so, it isn’t any more.
  2. Night Journey — Theodore Roethke [The Writer’s Almanac] Quite pleasantly rhymed, fittingly so.
  3. Happy Hour — Bob Hicok [Poetry Daily] A poet, an editor, and a critic . . .
  4. Late — Sidney Wade [Verse Daily]
  5. Two poems: Autumn Day; and Sonnets to Orpheus, II. XV — Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Florence Major) [qarrtsiluni]
  6. mountain — Cindy Savett [No Tell Motel]
  7. Wanting to Leave Early — Thomas McCarthy [Southword Journal Online] I get the same way so frequently here and there.
  8. Vertical — Linda Pastan [Poets.org] Something in me wants to pair this one up with the McCarthy I just read whenever I come back around to it. Maybe my little labyrinth needs some bookshelves that open up into hidden tunnels.
  9. A Deserter — Charles Reznikoff [Poetry Foundation] Seems so.
  10. The Enigma — Anne Stevenson [Poetry Out Loud] “One form, now another; one configuration, now another.”
  11. Star-Gazers — William Wordsworth [Poem of the Day]
  12. Upon A Spider Catching A Fly — Edward Taylor [Everyday Poems] Aiming at adding a bit of furniture to my new Animals room.
  13. Frankie and Johnnie — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online]
  14. Haunts — Michael Donaghy [Poetry Archive]
  15. Sonnet VII — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “So thou…diest unless thou get a son.”
  16. Lines from Love Letters — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse]
  17. The Prophet: Love — Khalil Gibran. “Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.”
  18. I died for beauty — Emily Dickinson [Poem of the Day] Catching up on reading I put off from yesterday. This old favorite now headed to my memorization queue.
  19. Accounts — Rae Armantrout [Poetry Foundation] “Hush! / Do you want me to start over?”
  20. Rust — Vona Groarke [Southword Journal Online] No stretch at all.
  21. Give Me a Lass with a Lump of Land — Allan Ramsay (d.1/7/1758) [Representative Poetry Online]
  22. Bending the Bow — Robert Duncan (b.1/7/1919) [Modern American Poetry]
  23. Dream Song 14 — John Berryman (d.1/7/1972) [Poetry Foundation]
  24. Helen, A Fugue (excerpts) — E. Tracy Grinnell [Jacket]
  25. Aide-Mémoire — Evan Commander [indigest magazine]
  26. When in Rome — Dan Boehl [absent magazine]
  27. The Inaugural Poem, January, 1961 — Cornelius Eady [Valparaiso Poetry Review]
  28. Lingerie — James Midgley [The Kenyon Review] “No one is waiting / to judge good a selfless life / struggling off with its clothes.”
  29. Sign On The Window — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “That must be what it’s all about.”
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2 Responses to 2011 01 07

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet VII.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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