2011 01 06

Almanac — Helius Eobanus Hessus b.1488. Hristo Botev b.1848. Hartley Coleridge d.1849. Carl Sandburg b.1878. Khalil Gibran b.1883. Idris Davies b.1905. Juan Goytisolo b.1931. John Wieners b.1934.

Reading — a pile of multiples today, the more poems the merrier the reader! —

  1. E.R. Poetry — Marvin Klotz [Rattle] If fortunate, yes, and you have to want to learn another new word.
  2. Top Five Animal Poems: Dog’s Death — John Updike; On The Death Of A Favourite Cat, Drowned In A Tub Of Gold Fishes — Thomas Gray; Snake — D.H. Lawrence; An Octopus — Marianne Moore; and The Fish — Elizabeth Bishop [E-Verse Radio] All of those familiar re-reads for me, good to “pet” them each again. I don’t yet have any presque vu for adding to the list just yet, but will use this as occasion for opening up an animals post for future reference.
  3. The Lovers Leave By Separate Planes — Maxine Kumin [The Writer’s Almanac] “They would tell each other.” If only. But.
  4. Three poems: Zimmer’s Head Thudding Against the Blackboard (what? poetry is easier than math?? . . . oh well, fifty years wasted there . . .); The News of the Day (three ain’t a bad score to reach for); and What Zimmer Will Do (sounds like a plan) — Paul Zimmer [Poetry Daily]
  5. Dictator — Melissa Stein. And Verse Daily cleaned up a broken link on yesterday’s offering, so catch-up: The Hatching — Kate Daniels. [Verse Daily] Well, if E-Verse Radio left birds off the list, maybe they knew the flocks my others were bringing to me?
  6. Qavak Songs: Song of a female shaman known as ‘The Robber of Men’s Intestines’; Song of a wicked woman whose knowledge knew no limit; and Song of Ukuamaat of Kakilisat, the mother who left fox prints in the snow — translated by Nancy Campbell [qarrtsiluni] As meant for reading aloud as all the others always are! And for forwarding to another reader!!
  7. in the story of my eyes (4) — Cindy Savett [No Tell Motel] “I am alert to these falling moments…” Or did that need being said? Always, it does.
  8. Six Persimmons — Shin Yu Pai [Poets.org] With a bit of aftertaste from a villanelle I read yesterday, Improvisation on Lines by Isaac the Blind by Peter Cole.
  9. Cabezón — Amy Beeder [Poetry Out Loud] A second poetic reference today to drowning cats? Mine better stay high on their shelves.
  10. Foweles in the Frith — [Anonymous] [Representative Poetry Online] Convincing enough to sally forth as the new subheader for this poetry reading blog.
  11. A Repertoire — Michael Donaghy [Poetry Archive] Read me one I’ve never heard before. And you always would.
  12. Conversation Galante — T. S. Eliot [Everyday Poems] “She then: ‘Does this refer to me?'” Well….
  13. Sonnet VI — William Shakespeare [Shakespeare’s Sonnets] “Ten times thy self were happier than thou art, / If ten of thine ten times refigured thee….”
  14. Blow, Northern Wind — [Anonymous] [The Oxford Book of English Verse] “Blow northerne wynd! / Send thou me my suetyng!” Suetyng? Oh. I’ll forward this one along, then.
  15. The Prophet: The Coming of the Ship — Khalil Gibran (b.1/6/1883). “The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark.”
  16. To Arrive with Cartoon Devotions — Daniel Poppick [Colorado Review]
  17. The Idea — Mark Strand [Poetry Foundation] “…But that it was ours by not being ours, / And should remain empty. That was the idea.”
  18. Instantly I Was Love — Amanda Nadelberg [Boston Review] “I go again and again to a room far away.”
  19. Two poems: conceal the evidence and the end unravels slow — Robert Lee Brewer [Caper Literary Journal]
  20. Friendship — Hartley Coleridge (d.1/6/1849) [Poem of the Day] Petrarchan sonnet. “One soul was ours, one mind, one heart devoted, / That, wisely doting, ask’d not why it doted….”
  21. In the Woods, You and I — Coleman Barks [The Georgia Review] “You ask to trade places.”
  22. Desolation Row — Bob Dylan [Bob Dylan] “When you asked how I was doing / Was that some kind of joke?”
  23. At a Window — Carl Sandburg (b.1/6/1878) [Poetry Foundation] “But leave me a little love….”
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2 Responses to 2011 01 06

  1. verseperse says:

    New link for today’s Shakespeare reading is Sonnet VI.

    See the comments made on Jan 13.

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