With further members of the set to be added as encountered, perhaps also some additional notes eventually, here’s what I’ve got so far for the villanelle

  1. Agner, Mary Alexandra — Crone Feathers [poemeleon]. The poet herself calls this “a villanelle of laziness,” but it works better than some do at their busiest.
  2. Ali, Agha ShahidA Villanelle [The Poetry Center at Smith College]
  3. Babiak, Wendy — Elegy [Big Bridge]
  4. Bales, Marcus — Slump: A Villanelle for David Weinstock [poemeleon].
  5. Barrington, Judith — Imaginary Islands [poemeleon].
  6. Bernstein, Charles — Sad Boy’s Sad Boy [Poetry Out Loud]
  7. Bishop, ElizabethOne Art []. Currently my favorite villanelle among those written by the more broadly published poets.
  8. Bullard, Chris — In Uncle Sam’s Bar [Tilt-a-Whirl].
  9. Carter, Jared — Flambeau [The New Formalist]
  10. Carter, Jared — Night-Blooming Cereus [The New Formalist]
  11. Carter, Jared — Prophecy [The New Formalist]
  12. Cole, Peter — Improvisation on Lines by Isaac the Blind []
  13. Cope, Wendy — A Villanelle for Hugo Williams [Guardian]
  14. Corbett, Maryann — Circadian Lament, Sung to a Wakeful Baby [Tilt-a-Whirl]. Pleasantly relaxed on the repetitions.
  15. Dennis, Felix — White Vase [The Poetry Archive]
  16. Dowson, Ernest — Villanelle of His Lady’s Treasures [Poetry @ ELCore.Net]
  17. Dowson, Ernest — Villanelle of Marguerites [Poetry @ ELCore.Net]
  18. Dowson, Ernest — Villanelle of Sunset [Poetry @ ELCore.Net]
  19. Espaillat, Rhina — Song [Lilt]
  20. Fleeman, Julia — Villanelle Verte [Tilt-a-Whirl]. Not one of my faves. Feels like a reasonably good poem if the repeated lines are eliminated from the middle four stanzas. What those repetitions are doing there except to match the form’s template, I’m at a loss to guess.
  21. Fuller, John — A Dialogue between Caliban and Ariel [Poetry Foundation]. Dramatic dialogue that includes two villanelles.
  22. Gosse, EdmundVillanelle: “Wouldst thou not be content to die” [Poet’s Corner]
  23. Grabo, Carrie — During the Service [Poetry Foundation]. Whereas Dylan Thomas employed the villanelle’s repetitions to insistently urge his father to fight off death, this poet calls on the echoes in reflection on the other side of death, in grief during a funeral service.
  24. Henley, W.E. — A dainty thing’s the Villanelle.
  25. Hightower, Scott — Apocalypse Soliloquy [].
  26. Kelsey, Karla — Villanelle: Notes on Thoughts and Vision [Colorado Review] Fantastic mutation of the form!!
  27. Landrum, David W. — Adareus the Jade Merchant Comments on the Nestorian Mission to China [Tilt-a-Whirl].
  28. Lechay, Dan — Ghost Villanelle [American Life in Poetry].
  29. O’Sullivan, Maeve — Form [Electric Acorn]
  30. Plath, Sylvia — Mad Girl’s Love Song [Neurotic Poets] ——— [32 Poems] Always been one of my favorite villanelles.
  31. Renwick, Arthur — Apology for the Villanelle.
  32. Ridler, Anne — Villanelle for the Middle of the Way [The Poetry Archive]
  33. Robinson, Edwin Arlington — Villanelle of Change [Poetry Foundation].
  34. Roethke, Theodore — The Waking [Poetry Foundation].
  35. Rosser, J. Allyn — Sugar Dada [Poetry Out Loud].
  36. Sarah, Robyn — Villanelle for a Cool April [Canadian Poetry Online].
  37. Scott, F. R. — Villanelle For Our Time [Leonard Cohen].
  38. Seibles, Tim — Kiss My Villanelle [From the Fishouse] Stretched out two stanzas more than the norm (but not the farthest I’ve seen).
  39. Sheehan, Julie — Cracked Ice [].
  40. Strimas, Meaghan — Lost Causes [Toronto Quarterly] “Let’s not say our sorrys. Some day we’ll both go cold.” A villanelle always seems to carry these sounds so well.
  41. Thomas, Dylan — Do not go gentle into that good night []. One of the first villanelles I recall being exposed to, it’s grown tired on me over the years, certainly not nearly up to the high praise given to it by most critics and scholars and readers.
  42. Trinidad, David — Chatty Cathy Villanelle [Poetry Foundation]. Using the form to reflect the attention deficit style of an excited little girl.
  43. Wilde, Oscar — Theocritus.
  44. Woloch, Cecilia — My Mother’s Pillow [American Life in Poetry].

Other Form Collections at Verse Per Se

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