2010 12 30

Almanac — Vincenzo da Filicaja b.1642; John Philips b.1676; Theodor Fontane b.1819; Rudyard Kipling b.1865; Al Purdy b.1918; Gjergj Fishta d.1940; Patti Smith b.1946; Rex Ingamells d.1955; Joshua Clover b.1962


  1. Be Mine — Paul Hostovsky [The Writer’s Almanac] “Thought ‘You too,’ / is all I can manage…”
  2. Sunday afternoons at Claire Carlyle’s — Toi Derricotte [Poetry Daily]
  3. San Clemente — Carol Muske-Dukes [Verse Daily]
  4. Yes Lets — Brian Laidlaw [No Tell Motel]
  5. As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII [Blow, blow, thou winter wind] — William Shakespeare [Poets.org] Timely read.
  6. Adding It Up — Philip Booth [Poetry Out Loud] “[I]f I can’t worry I count.” Not I, but I can appreciate the mode.
  7. Half-waking — William Allingham [Representative Poetry Online]
  8. The Poet of Bray — John Heath-Stubbs [Poetry Archive]
  9. On Impediments — Suzanne Buffam [The American Poetry Review]
  10. At Evergreen Cemetery — Al Purdy (b.12/30/1918) [Canadian Poetry Online]
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