2010 12 28

Almanac — Thomas Babington Macaulay d.1859; Olavo Bilac d.1918


  1. 21-Gun Salute — David LaBounty [Rattle] A poem with its own “beautiful / simplicity” that “serves a purpose // just like / a plain / pinewood box” – exquisitely sharp lining up, like a rifle shot.
  2. The Night of the Party — Alden Nowlan [The Writer’s Almanac] No doubt they already knew.
  3. Four poems: Three Poems after Montale and Gold Leaves — Rachel Wetzsteon [Poetry Daily] It’s been a year since we lost Rachel’s voice. Gold Leaves is a joyous way to remember when we had it.
  4. Asphodel — Angela Vogel [Verse Daily]
  5. Furvert Love Poem — Brian Laidlaw [No Tell Motel]
  6. The Snow Storm — Ralph Waldo Emerson [Poets.org] As our northeast continues working to dig out from under our Boxing Day Blizzard.
  7. Living — C. D. Wright [Poetry Foundation] If this is Wednesday, check back on all my usual haunts – I’ve fallen behind again!
  8. jesus knew — Nick Flynn [Poetry Foundation] !! This I want to memorize and recite!
  9. Flood: Years of Solitude — Dionisio D. Martínez [Poetry Out Loud] Flood? Sorry, this one felt ankle-deep to me. Years? Collapsed down into a minute or two of toss-off contemplation, certainly not much more.
  10. The Dance — William Carlos Williams [Poetry Archive] The art of conveying a flood of images and sensations in a tight little piece.
  11. How The Great American Indian Novel is Written — Lara Mann [Drunken Boat] “Hope should come at the end of the novel in the form of a baby or an open road, / dark-toned, part Cherokee.”
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