2010 12 27

Almanac — Charles Lamb d.1834; Mina Loy b.1882; Charles Olson b.1910; Elizabeth Smart b.1913; Osip Mandelstam d.1938; Julian Tuwim d.1953; David Baker b.1954; Chris Abani b.1966


  1. A Sloth First Hears Its Name — Marianne Kunkel [Rattle] What we call it influences its nature only if it knows enough to know better than to let our names do so.
  2. IV. Those Who Are Surpassed — Dick Allen [The Writer’s Almanac]
  3. The Black Virginity — Mina Loy (b.12/27/1882) [Poets.org]
  4. Thoughtless Cruelty — Charles Lamb (d.12/27/1834) [Representative Poetry Online]
  5. Deer, December — Richard Terrill [Poetry Daily]
  6. Song of the Open Road — Walt Whitman [Poetry Foundation] “Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing…”
  7. Her Name is Rose — Peter Pereira [Poetry Foundation] “…being / in that same room, inhaling / that same air, made some of her / part of me.”
  8. Snow-Flakes — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [Poets.org] Quite a bit of this revelation going on in our northeast today…
  9. Haploid Love Poem — Brian Laidlaw [No Tell Motel]
  10. When I have Fears That I May Cease to Be — John Keats [Poetry Out Loud] Whereas I fear ceasing to be before I’ve had the chance to read and hear and see it all.
  11. Water Unflavored by the Apples In It — Zach Savich [Gulf Coast]
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