2010 12 25

Almanac — William Collins b.1721; Isabella Valancy Crawford b.1850; John Koethe b.1945; Tristan Tzara d.1963; S. Foster Damon d.1971


  1. Ninety-Fifth Street — John Koethe (b.12/25/1945) [Poetry Foundation]
  2. Said the West Wind — Isabella Valancy Crawford (b.12/25/1850) [Representative Poetry Online]
  3. Ode on the Poetical Character — William Collins (b.12/25/1721) [Representative Poetry Online]
  4. A Christmas Carol — G. K. Chesterton [The Writer’s Almanac]
  5. Light Theology and the Persimmon Tree — Darrell Bourque [Poetry Daily]
  6. Lumina — Darrell Bourque [Poetry Daily]
  7. The Priest Stops in the Churchyard — Joanna Solfrian [Verse Daily]
  8. Nineteen-Fourteen: The Soldier — Rupert Brooke [Poetry Out Loud]
  9. A Christmas Song — Norman Williams [Poetry Foundation]
  10. Christmas Bells — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [Poets.org]
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