2010 12 23

Almanac — Michael Drayton d.1631; Robert Bly b.1926; Konstantin Balmont d.1942; Carol Ann Duffy b.1955; Aimee Nezhukumatathil b.1974


  1. Toward the Winter Solstice — Timothy Steele [The Writer’s Almanac]
  2. On the Slopes — Craig Raine [Poetry Daily]
  3. For Pat Kavanagh — Craig Raine [Poetry Daily]
  4. To His Coy Love — Michael Drayton (d.12/23/1631) [Poets.org]
  5. A Roundelay between Two Shepherds — Michael Drayton (d.12/23/1631) [Poetry Foundation]
  6. Waking from Sleep — Robert Bly (b.12/23/1926) [Poetry Foundation]
  7. History — Carol Ann Duffy (b.12/23/1955) [Poets.org]
  8. Your Robot Girl — J. P. Dancing Bear [No Tell Motel]
  9. Tulip is the bravest flower, I mean bird. — y madrone [Verse Daily]
  10. The View, the World, My Mother — Laurie Junkins [Rattle]
  11. Eating Poetry — Mark Strand [Poetry Out Loud]
  12. Keeping Things Whole — Mark Strand [Poetry Out Loud]
  13. Early Light: The Aubade Prior to the Elegy — Dan Allawat [Word Riot]
  14. Christmas Tree Lots — Chris Green [Poetry Foundation]
  15. When I Am in the Kitchen — Jeanne Marie Beaumont [Poets.org]
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